Sunday, June 3, 2012

no inspiration for a nice title hence i shall just name it: Yesterday.

hi i just bathed after a cycling session which followed after an afternoon of cramming, temple run, and nips. actually i should really thank God that there is a study room with no internet connection. i never realized how addicted i am to Facebook, until recently. ==

blah.. since as mentioned in the title, i am here to blog about yesterday.
KwangYan came to Midvalley all the way from UPM and asked to meet. their study week just started. F-UMers-L, everything also faster T.T. for almost a year we all come to KL but the friends i meet most is only Chin Tita, and that's not even frequent. shit my sidetracking skill is improving again. =O!! *pulls hair*

so we finally met. no photos with the Kwangyan and AhLiang
only two photos of food. if that can make up. haha
Fish Head Mihun.
i don't like fish, what more to say fish with many many BONES.
it was not bad la actually but too big we couldn't finish
none of us. haha

and a Sotong. this is the only type of sotong i eat. haha

Mr Zhangqijian, Nyak Nyak and AhBoon waited for me in Starbucks.
and they were STUDYING. like seriously STUDYING!! woaaa!
i wasted some more time by queuing up for this cup of
quite disappointing actually
Java Chip is still the best heehee

ohh. the Mickey place was totally FULL of people wearing Mickey shirts and taking photos
how can i lose leh?
but it was too crowded and we plan to go back some other day heehee

ohh. and instagram is also super fun and addictive. now i understand why many bloggers i stalk complained about Instagram taking over blogging @@

to compensate for the waste of time
we went studying in MCD heehee at around 1am in the morning

没想到 认真的青蛙也是很帅的!! =P

tomorrow is the day.
fast come la.
i can't wait to go home!!!!!

C for Chopper XDD
thanks to zhangqijian ♥ =D

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