Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ze frightening experience T.T

so my coursemate and i were doing our assignment in Dataran C of our fac
and suddenly came this uncle, with uncle i really mean uncle, i think he's older than mum @@
he was refilling his bottles at the water cooler near us, and i think he did look over for a few times
THEN! just as we were busy discussing. he approached and started talking
first asking what we were studying, and saying we look so fit to be teachers
then he started firing us with questions, when we said we didn't know, he'd say how can teachers be like this? and if he were a student, he loves teachers like us because we look so gentle i was like WADAHELL
then he continued talking, about how he was ever a teacher, about the way he dresses, about how we dress, everything, anything! either he was acting dumb, or he IS really so dumb to notice that we were trying hard to ignore him, we were even chatting with each other on Facebook to calm ourselves down because he didn't look normal at all, it's like he was a psycho stalker T.T
then he came, asking for our names, the first name which came through my mind was Nadia, and he said WHAT? MADIA? malay name, and i said NO, is NADIA. and my coursemate, who is even more blur than me, only kept on laughing without answering his question ==
he then suggested that we could help him with English since we are English teachers to be
and i contemplated whether to text my friend to call me so that we could run away saying that we had something on. T.T
but this stupid uncle, he just wouldn't stop, HE CONTINUED ASKING WHERE WERE WE FROM!
and thinking about weiqi, i said Perak, i was so afraid he'd say WHAT! I AM ALSO FROM PERAK!
luckily he decided to ask yeemei, who apparently became a Johorian for that moment, if it was flooding. LOL
then we finally were too afraid and told him, sorry we have to continue our assignment, then baru he left. T.T

Sunday, November 27, 2011

i rock i rock i rock dao no one got!

heyo, morning morning!
i've been missing from the world for some time
so that's what makes me rock actually, because I SURVIVED haha.

back to the point!
i didn't mention here, i went to a compulsory Asas PJK dan Kokurikulum camp
at Kela Adventure Camp, Raub, Pahang. lol.

stocked on the way
cz they said we're bound to get hungry. T.T
same price for NIPS and snickers of course i buy snickers ==

mood was spoiled even before we left for the camp.
they said to meet at 8.30 sharp
but some people were not even there yet at 9.30
and wasted so much time waiting on the bus for godknowswhat
and the stupid APIan in front decided to push her chair back so much i couldn't sleep comfortably
that was really inconsiderate =(

anyway after hours which seemed to drag on forever..
ze campsite!
we were staying in chalets
and when the word chalet was mentioned
for 4 secs, i expected the chalet we have in Damai HAHA

my chalet mates..
another two were busy with idunno what lol.

first meal upon reaching.
i'm really grateful for the food ajk though, they always wake up so much earlier just to cook for us.

now let me briefly talk about the things which happened in the camp xp
so the first day, everyone was so tired and we grabbed every chance we had to nap, but there was this bee which flew into my chalet and i was totally awake after that. fml. t.t
had night walk the first day, and the nike sport shoes from aunty fong finally got spoiled, just as i feared T.T, and it wasn't even jungle trekking yet! which means i was gonna wear my cotton on blue shoes T.T i love them so much and they're now so dirty, i tried washing but it was no help I WAN GO SHOPPING NAO t.t
aiya so anyway, the night walk was really fun except for the mud and the fear for leeches which never appeared until jungle trekking on the third day, lol.
and guess what! the stars were so so so beautiful that night! too bad handphone could not capture the beauty of it, but it is securely locked in my memory already =D

woke up early the next day
it was cold, really freezing cold!!
i can't tell you how cold it was, but it was REALLY COLD!!
and i instantly regretted for not bringing my blanket. =(
water activities was definitely the best!
although i collected MANY MANY bruises on the way
and i rafted, fell 2 or 3 times though -- hahahah
i could stay in water all day, it was really so fun i'm missing it now T.T
but crap happens, luckily i was prepared. lol.
and it was the rope training in the afternoon like flying fox, and walking on ropes from a tree to another, and across the river! I ROCK WEIH!!!! it was really fun but so exhausting
then after releasing us off to sleep for like 2 hours, we were waken up again at 1 am
for stupid solo drop where we were blind folded and brought around in circles (they thought we dunno isit lol), then set down and were told that we were placed in a jungle
like we din know we were sitting on the road like that HAHAHA
then they started doing things to frighten us, but i fell asleep lol

third day was the day i dreaded the most
Jungle Trekking day = Filthy bloodsucker day
sorry but the phrase filthy bloodsucker came from the twilight series haha i suddenly wished i were a werewolf okay sorry very lame t.t
i finally realized the good of long socks: for you to tuck in your tracksuit so that leeches cant get into your pants!
i even brought salt you can see how afraid am i of the disgusting thing they call pacat t.t
am proud of myself for redah-ing the jungle and did not get bitten by any pacats! HEHEHE
but there will not be any next time for me! T.T

the ruined sport shoes which i left lying in the dustbin in Kela

despite my fear for the leeches
this camping is a great experience for me
i've tried many things which i did not and i get to know some part of some people which help me change my view towards them
finally rest enough i think
but, well
am dedicating today for assignments, byebye =)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


hehe. i dunno why it always seems like it's been ages since i last blogged.
last friday we went out! leeweiqi xiaojie wanted to watch the apple of my eye
heehee yours sincerely was thinking of watching it again but there was no ticket for me and i didn't want to risk burning up myself due to overheating #insidejoke you don't have to understand hehe XD
us in the toilet.
walao the lighting good dao i rate it 5.5 stars T.T
but it was forever full of people and we so paiseh

so luckily got my pig who came also.

and guess what!

just had to show off! =P

this fruit tart was really heavenly T.T ME LIKE, no, ME LOVE!
eh my photography skills got improve right? ngehehe!

shall upload other photos some other day when i'm in the mood
guess what! GOT MR TITA YO!!!!

 and.. well.
ME! waiting outside the classroom
because apparently my tutor was running late
i think she overslept lol
and the stupid door was locked
it was HOT!
but i had no hair band with me.
so I WAS SO HOT wahaha lol @@.

someone actually told me she likes seeing the way i dress because..
lai let me quote her..
'Melody, i like seeing the way you dress. Because it's like you can pull everything off! Serious!'
waiya! this is the first time ever i receive such praise and to be frank i feel flattered wahaha
because i simply wear anyhow! =P oops haolian hahhaha

and lastly.. 
a photo to make you laugh
if you did, thank me.
and if you didn't
that's your problem!

bye for now! =)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

why must xingfu = fat. haha

hehe as i said, another overdue post then i'll be back to time.
so hehe you're on my spaceship again @@ lol.
the morning before i left home again.
i know you'll all miss me, yes, toys included =P

and the various things we did, i mean, i did with dongqi and xiqi haha 
i really admire myself for being so childish! =P
but my dongqi's voice is kinda spoiled t.t
please help me find it back =((

dinner on Saturday night @ Goh Fun Kee
ahh! Century egg tofu is so nice i am missing it now T.T, although i don't eat the pidan hahahha
and bak kut teh!! yerr. i'm missing it now =(

and not to forget Sharing. hehe 
free wedges from Qi Jie, thank you =)).
didn't order oreo this time cz we were too full, but had mango smoothies instead, nice also ma hehehe
Daddy's Seafood Arab White
our Seafood Carbonara, personally i prefer the normal Carbonara. haha
and Saol Fish which was surprisingly nice!
was never a fan of fish but IT WAS REALLY NICE!
ngehehe, shall have it again XD

okay that's the end of my mid term break home t.t
 i gained 1 kg in a week's time CRAP!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

omgosh. i cant believe

i can't believe that i haven't actually blogged about ze bento making competition!
so since i'm in the mood now.. let me bring you back to 7 days ago. haha
Dear passengers, please strap on your seat belts, we are now moving through distorted space time
if you should feel any dizziness, just bang your head against the wall, it will help =P.

so here we go. =)
ze preparation part!
i like my hak tan si guai
 i mean the black round thing if you're not familiar with Totoro XD

the day of the competition! 
lunch in sanshengfotang.
shu bing! =D.
the malak mian disappointed me again, i wan renjian malak mian!! (那些年,我们一起吃的麻辣面 T.T)
actually it was something like a Japanese fest in Boulevard and what we joined was part of the event
mr Joel Voon who came to support. supposed he was to be our cameraman but he had to leave early T.T
and finally the Sushi King chef doing a demo.

and nao.. 
the bentos of the losers!
oops hahhaha melimao.
nola, some were pretty good..
but i'm sure everyone gave their best and we just got lucky.. =)

because.. yea.. 

closer look at the winning bento box.

really a great thanks to Lee Tieng who asked me to join with her.
at least i did something meaningful during my holiday instead of just eating and wasting away haha

next, it was the Sushi eating competition.
 we thought it'd be like Da Wei Wang competition
so we thought why not join got free sushi lol. 

ma plate.. of only 8 sushis.
 attractive not!!

it was..
until you see this.
i didn't even eat the sashimi.
but somehow, i think i did something great, cz i finished 4 sushis
although tears kept flowing down hahahah.

okay shall stop here.
will be having another post about holidays then i'll be back in time XD
thanks for travelling with me
it was a pleasure having you on board!
i look forward to have you with me again! =P

Thursday, November 17, 2011

hahaha i am back but i am so lazy ahh this isn't long enough so let me ahh again and this time ii'll make it longer aahhhhhhhh! done!

somehow.. i know that this is a bit too expired.
but since it is there, hence, it gets in here as well.
me with my 16.3 kg luggage which brought me a few new bruises.
Dong Qi came to send me off! =P

don't have fluffy clouds.. t.t
and the sun was so bright and hot i couldn't sleep t.t

and after hours 
i'm back to my small room
with the small table

something worth happy about.
got 29/30 for my first assignment.
and only 5 groups got it right, i am among them!!!
gosh i was so happy i could fly!

the current me =)
have no idea why i look a bit shocked.
and it isn't obvious here but i cut my hair
and i regret cz it is now so layered
it will take ages to be long again =(

yea, i never forget to make a fuss every single time i cut my hair. hahaha

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

xixi i think i'm kinda addicted to long long titles now since it is usually hard to think of something nice i might as well just do something fun

morning people!
i'm alive and survived through the major headache!
thanks to the two boxes of rocky (no i didn't eat both in one night la i dowan diabetes lol) and my two alarm clocks. (yes, i put both beside my ears now you see how determined i am to do this assignment!)
however, i'd say that sleep and wake up and continue doing is not really a great idea because whatever was in your mind disappears even if your sleep was just 15 minutes. T.t
anyway. thank God! XDD
i shall sleep in class later as a punishment to the lecturer and her bloody assignment for stealing my sleep. lol

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

i dunno if i used this title before but no one really cares so i'm gonna use it again like i never did wow this is long so the title actually is i am drowning. haha

HELLO hello.
the reason i posted the above photo is just to demonstrate how frustrated i am now t.t

because as the longass title said.. i am drowning
 in assignments. T.T
will be back when i killed all those A4 papers.
*continue pulling hair and reluctantly going to publish this and get back to work T.T*

Friday, November 11, 2011

scissors paper stone, one week is gone!

did you just realize my title actually rhymes?
nah. just being emo.. T.T
because it's already Friday. (the Friday song's hype is long gone hahaha)
which means. i have only tomorrow and Sunday morning left in Kuching.
which means i have to start packing already.
which means it's goodbye to my family
and also the comfort of home.
bye bye aircon and hot water. bye bye soft pillow T.T
bye bye toys!!! T.T!

ps ps: notice my post time! lol.. i duno what's so special but it is special anyway so.. yea. haha

Thursday, November 10, 2011

ze apple of ma eye!

ngehehe. in Padini. finally went to the Spring today..
for something very very very important..

that is.. 
thanks so much for olin who walked there this morning just to get the tix
because from what i heard, most of the tickets are booked!!
guess it was the night time show, but still, the hall was FULL!!

i have no regret paying RM12 for it!!
ahhhh!!!! it's so nice that i wouldn't mind watching again T.T
and i was afraid with the high expectation i would be disappointed
BUT NO! and for no reason i cried, ==
there's definitely some glitch in my system, since when i become so sentimental lol
no it's not my problem, the movie just ROCKS!!!

i think i rocked the above photo as well. XDD

 in Starbucks
wasting time. and

CONSUMING fat hahaha 

java chip frap is LOVE! XDD
thanks to dear qijie for belanja-ing the frap and curly fries
i am bloated till now T.T
and hopefully the afternoon out did help you forget about the doggy bite T.T

end of today's post.
but not end of the story.
shall blog some more soon!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

crazy oreo crazy oreo!

alo alo alo! hahaha.
sometimes my eyes really do look big ho? == i like. hahahahaha

went to Sharing with olinchin and richardfong last night.
stupid olinchin had to use gps to get to me, my house so hard to find meh T.T

hehe. olin removed his braces already! 
got a bit buhaoyisi lo, cz he smiled and ask ni youmeiyou faxian semok?
then i baru noticed, EH his braces gone! lol

and richard fong.. 
why do i look so much older than the both of them T.T emo..

my lovely mushroom soup ngehehe
i was so nice T.T, nicer than i remember T.T.
maybe it's just because of the Campbells i had, or because it really is nicer now. lol.

and of course.. 
the Crazy Oreo! <3!

tamjiak olin savouring his double cheezyland XD

we talked alot about some very useless things lol
olin was shocked i am able to stay with malays HAHAHA
from their reactions, i suddenly think that i am very KUXUAN ngahaha.
and and guess what! clementsls has a gf already! i saw him paktorrr~~ lol

ahh, k la, i dunno what to say liao.
hahaha, thanks to them tho, for spending time to come find me wahaha.
what can i say.. T.T i really love my friends, for no reason lol..

was supposed to go for piano lesson today.
but i skipped! wahaha
never knew piano teacher misses me so much
but no i dowan go see her T.T.

i start feeling pressure!!
because.. so much to eat so little time!
so many assignments totally no mood!!
so many things i wanna do BUT NO TIME!!! T.T
how! how!! HOW!!! T.T

Monday, November 7, 2011

i still can't think of a good title.

before going out. =D
ignore my shitty face really sien I NEED FACIAL DESPERATELY t.t
the main point of the photo was just to show the shoes i decided to wear
ze hello kitty crocs! wahaha.

breakfast! <3
initially i had sanshengfotang in mind but mummy said there was a new place for laksa
so yea XD. kan i said i wan laksa everyday de lol lol 
that place had 3 different laksa stalls @@.
but we only ordered from 2, too full already because..
we also ordered cha kueh!
and that's daddy's beef noodle
i wan go Ting's Noodle House!!
long time no see de agar agar.
and, xingfu apple juice from dajiumu..
and lastly..
GONGPIA! dang full shuo. T.T.

in dajiu's house.. hongzai also finished reading naxienian!
 and with everyone constantly sharing the photos and quotes from the movie..

my favourite quote <3 hahaha sweet dao T.T.

then we brought Popo together to Boulevard.. and guess who i saw..
Hua er xiao mei ahh! ibe ibe KANDAO NI DE MEIMEI MA? lol lol =.=
she also bought the alphabet necklace lol..
she's now working in the toy shop XD.

random photo of Doraemons!

reflective surface = photos. XD 
i still think i rock the shoes LOL.

since recently i am trying to befriend monkeys.. 
ok la, this is pointless. haha. it was just for fun. @@.

and and! 
 remember the christmas tree last year? nah HERE if you're interested, or if you forgot haha.
i prefer the one last year ><.

nao.. what we got!
miss keroro got the book from her newfound idol jiubadao lol.
and me The Gift. actually
i wanna read hers more T.T
the power of naxienian omg.

double eyelid glue!
hopefully i am hardworking enough to use it lol lol.

lastly.. DINNER! 
i was still full.
and the only nice thing was mani cai and the bakolong juice.
ahh my long lost love, mani cai, i hope i will meet you very soon XD.