Saturday, November 19, 2011

omgosh. i cant believe

i can't believe that i haven't actually blogged about ze bento making competition!
so since i'm in the mood now.. let me bring you back to 7 days ago. haha
Dear passengers, please strap on your seat belts, we are now moving through distorted space time
if you should feel any dizziness, just bang your head against the wall, it will help =P.

so here we go. =)
ze preparation part!
i like my hak tan si guai
 i mean the black round thing if you're not familiar with Totoro XD

the day of the competition! 
lunch in sanshengfotang.
shu bing! =D.
the malak mian disappointed me again, i wan renjian malak mian!! (那些年,我们一起吃的麻辣面 T.T)
actually it was something like a Japanese fest in Boulevard and what we joined was part of the event
mr Joel Voon who came to support. supposed he was to be our cameraman but he had to leave early T.T
and finally the Sushi King chef doing a demo.

and nao.. 
the bentos of the losers!
oops hahhaha melimao.
nola, some were pretty good..
but i'm sure everyone gave their best and we just got lucky.. =)

because.. yea.. 

closer look at the winning bento box.

really a great thanks to Lee Tieng who asked me to join with her.
at least i did something meaningful during my holiday instead of just eating and wasting away haha

next, it was the Sushi eating competition.
 we thought it'd be like Da Wei Wang competition
so we thought why not join got free sushi lol. 

ma plate.. of only 8 sushis.
 attractive not!!

it was..
until you see this.
i didn't even eat the sashimi.
but somehow, i think i did something great, cz i finished 4 sushis
although tears kept flowing down hahahah.

okay shall stop here.
will be having another post about holidays then i'll be back in time XD
thanks for travelling with me
it was a pleasure having you on board!
i look forward to have you with me again! =P

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