Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ze frightening experience T.T

so my coursemate and i were doing our assignment in Dataran C of our fac
and suddenly came this uncle, with uncle i really mean uncle, i think he's older than mum @@
he was refilling his bottles at the water cooler near us, and i think he did look over for a few times
THEN! just as we were busy discussing. he approached and started talking
first asking what we were studying, and saying we look so fit to be teachers
then he started firing us with questions, when we said we didn't know, he'd say how can teachers be like this? and if he were a student, he loves teachers like us because we look so gentle i was like WADAHELL
then he continued talking, about how he was ever a teacher, about the way he dresses, about how we dress, everything, anything! either he was acting dumb, or he IS really so dumb to notice that we were trying hard to ignore him, we were even chatting with each other on Facebook to calm ourselves down because he didn't look normal at all, it's like he was a psycho stalker T.T
then he came, asking for our names, the first name which came through my mind was Nadia, and he said WHAT? MADIA? malay name, and i said NO, is NADIA. and my coursemate, who is even more blur than me, only kept on laughing without answering his question ==
he then suggested that we could help him with English since we are English teachers to be
and i contemplated whether to text my friend to call me so that we could run away saying that we had something on. T.T
but this stupid uncle, he just wouldn't stop, HE CONTINUED ASKING WHERE WERE WE FROM!
and thinking about weiqi, i said Perak, i was so afraid he'd say WHAT! I AM ALSO FROM PERAK!
luckily he decided to ask yeemei, who apparently became a Johorian for that moment, if it was flooding. LOL
then we finally were too afraid and told him, sorry we have to continue our assignment, then baru he left. T.T

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