Sunday, November 27, 2011

i rock i rock i rock dao no one got!

heyo, morning morning!
i've been missing from the world for some time
so that's what makes me rock actually, because I SURVIVED haha.

back to the point!
i didn't mention here, i went to a compulsory Asas PJK dan Kokurikulum camp
at Kela Adventure Camp, Raub, Pahang. lol.

stocked on the way
cz they said we're bound to get hungry. T.T
same price for NIPS and snickers of course i buy snickers ==

mood was spoiled even before we left for the camp.
they said to meet at 8.30 sharp
but some people were not even there yet at 9.30
and wasted so much time waiting on the bus for godknowswhat
and the stupid APIan in front decided to push her chair back so much i couldn't sleep comfortably
that was really inconsiderate =(

anyway after hours which seemed to drag on forever..
ze campsite!
we were staying in chalets
and when the word chalet was mentioned
for 4 secs, i expected the chalet we have in Damai HAHA

my chalet mates..
another two were busy with idunno what lol.

first meal upon reaching.
i'm really grateful for the food ajk though, they always wake up so much earlier just to cook for us.

now let me briefly talk about the things which happened in the camp xp
so the first day, everyone was so tired and we grabbed every chance we had to nap, but there was this bee which flew into my chalet and i was totally awake after that. fml. t.t
had night walk the first day, and the nike sport shoes from aunty fong finally got spoiled, just as i feared T.T, and it wasn't even jungle trekking yet! which means i was gonna wear my cotton on blue shoes T.T i love them so much and they're now so dirty, i tried washing but it was no help I WAN GO SHOPPING NAO t.t
aiya so anyway, the night walk was really fun except for the mud and the fear for leeches which never appeared until jungle trekking on the third day, lol.
and guess what! the stars were so so so beautiful that night! too bad handphone could not capture the beauty of it, but it is securely locked in my memory already =D

woke up early the next day
it was cold, really freezing cold!!
i can't tell you how cold it was, but it was REALLY COLD!!
and i instantly regretted for not bringing my blanket. =(
water activities was definitely the best!
although i collected MANY MANY bruises on the way
and i rafted, fell 2 or 3 times though -- hahahah
i could stay in water all day, it was really so fun i'm missing it now T.T
but crap happens, luckily i was prepared. lol.
and it was the rope training in the afternoon like flying fox, and walking on ropes from a tree to another, and across the river! I ROCK WEIH!!!! it was really fun but so exhausting
then after releasing us off to sleep for like 2 hours, we were waken up again at 1 am
for stupid solo drop where we were blind folded and brought around in circles (they thought we dunno isit lol), then set down and were told that we were placed in a jungle
like we din know we were sitting on the road like that HAHAHA
then they started doing things to frighten us, but i fell asleep lol

third day was the day i dreaded the most
Jungle Trekking day = Filthy bloodsucker day
sorry but the phrase filthy bloodsucker came from the twilight series haha i suddenly wished i were a werewolf okay sorry very lame t.t
i finally realized the good of long socks: for you to tuck in your tracksuit so that leeches cant get into your pants!
i even brought salt you can see how afraid am i of the disgusting thing they call pacat t.t
am proud of myself for redah-ing the jungle and did not get bitten by any pacats! HEHEHE
but there will not be any next time for me! T.T

the ruined sport shoes which i left lying in the dustbin in Kela

despite my fear for the leeches
this camping is a great experience for me
i've tried many things which i did not and i get to know some part of some people which help me change my view towards them
finally rest enough i think
but, well
am dedicating today for assignments, byebye =)

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