Monday, November 7, 2011

i still can't think of a good title.

before going out. =D
ignore my shitty face really sien I NEED FACIAL DESPERATELY t.t
the main point of the photo was just to show the shoes i decided to wear
ze hello kitty crocs! wahaha.

breakfast! <3
initially i had sanshengfotang in mind but mummy said there was a new place for laksa
so yea XD. kan i said i wan laksa everyday de lol lol 
that place had 3 different laksa stalls @@.
but we only ordered from 2, too full already because..
we also ordered cha kueh!
and that's daddy's beef noodle
i wan go Ting's Noodle House!!
long time no see de agar agar.
and, xingfu apple juice from dajiumu..
and lastly..
GONGPIA! dang full shuo. T.T.

in dajiu's house.. hongzai also finished reading naxienian!
 and with everyone constantly sharing the photos and quotes from the movie..

my favourite quote <3 hahaha sweet dao T.T.

then we brought Popo together to Boulevard.. and guess who i saw..
Hua er xiao mei ahh! ibe ibe KANDAO NI DE MEIMEI MA? lol lol =.=
she also bought the alphabet necklace lol..
she's now working in the toy shop XD.

random photo of Doraemons!

reflective surface = photos. XD 
i still think i rock the shoes LOL.

since recently i am trying to befriend monkeys.. 
ok la, this is pointless. haha. it was just for fun. @@.

and and! 
 remember the christmas tree last year? nah HERE if you're interested, or if you forgot haha.
i prefer the one last year ><.

nao.. what we got!
miss keroro got the book from her newfound idol jiubadao lol.
and me The Gift. actually
i wanna read hers more T.T
the power of naxienian omg.

double eyelid glue!
hopefully i am hardworking enough to use it lol lol.

lastly.. DINNER! 
i was still full.
and the only nice thing was mani cai and the bakolong juice.
ahh my long lost love, mani cai, i hope i will meet you very soon XD.

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