Monday, December 20, 2010

on the boulevard of broken dreams

today i went out shopping again. guess what i bought?

a window!

because i went window shopping ==

haha, okay, i know it was lame, i should be sorry, but i’m not. lol

vivi asked me to go shopping, to the spring.

but because i just went i said no and finally we decided to go to boulevard.

ibeho xiao jie and me reached first and started shopping.

we walked around and ibeho wanted to buy a shirt to change into

because she said she looked weird with a dress and her sweater lol

so off we went

boulevard’s christmas tree, made of plastic bottles! isn’t it nice?

DSC07371 finally, at the topmost floor, she found a nice shirt.

so we bought it together, yeap! together lol

and straightaway went to change into it!

DSC07372we continued walking but found out that we were tired.

so the two old people went off to find some food and a place to sit down

typical lao lang lol, mainly because vivi xiao jie was not there yet! @@

ice cream wei!! =DD

and cheezy wedges!

fat fat fat but i am happy!


give me food i can be happy for a whole day

gosh i sound like a pig

DSC07373 DSC07374  then finally

after the food, miss vivi finally reached @@

so we continued shopping, this time accompanying her

in momoe =P

cant let go of the chance to take photos

nice mirror T.T


and hey i was wearing mickey mouse shirt

using mickey mouse sweater

and mickey mouse bag


cool me =D

then, we continued wandering on with vivi

then ibeho left by 4.30 pm for her sister

my last photo for the day



shopping can be tiring.

ohh, the shirt is very cheap i tell you!

only RM8.45 because of the BFC.

worth leh!!!

p.s p.s: to ah hua, we are not always eating la hahahahhhahahaha that was funny T.T

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