Saturday, December 11, 2010

so i said

i actually felt a bit bad for complaining about smk st lasap, (what to say, it also provided me a place for form six ma right) and even featuring it in i think two blogposts

yeap, here and here.

but the fact is

lasap school really got lasap students

their mere presence make me wanna puke

no joke. EEW.

mamagonggong never seen ppl so lasap before

hope all lasapians rot in the lasap school together.

godie. grrrr

ppl wan wear what it’s their business

you. LASAP kia




paiseh the photos are a bit too small you can click on the pictures for the larger image but it is not necessary as it will just make u wanna puke just like me

i guess some guys just never learn how to respect

one last word. ROT IN PEACE

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