Friday, December 31, 2010

rainy night

if i were asked to list out the nicest nights in my life

today will definitely make it into the top 10 list

because, i got to meet with all my long lost friends

i mean not long lost but we haven’t met and seen each other for ages

yeap it’s our form3 gang

too bad lu ee meilin and ah jo were not there

i didn’t get to take any nice photos T.T

so no photos today. =(

we talked a lot, but i forgot what

i feel very happy

and contented

i am truly blessed.

thanks my lovely friends

i love you all so much!

and now

i’m tired

it’s time to sleep.

goodnite people

tomorrow is a holiday!!!!

gosh XD

i will blog about tonight again properly


just because

it is really memorable.

DSC07551still nge nge wan add a photo.



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