Sunday, January 2, 2011

warning: this is gonna be long.

i cant believe it!
tomorrow i need to continue working again.
ugh =(
i hate that feeling.
suan le. blog first before i sleep =D

this morning we went to Causeway Bay II for breakfast
my almond tea =)
i like.
the XO sauce carrot cake
not bad too =D
there were other food
but they didn't look camera ready
so i didn't take for them
next we went for facial and haircut then massage.
my first facial.
one word: painful T.T
haircut: regret! it's short again ohmygosh.
my first massage.
my feeling: i don't really enjoy it.
feels weird

after the massage, went to green gallery while waiting for dad
these bears are seriously cute!
cute dao i wan carry them home T.T
since this year is the rabbit year
so there were also soooo many carrots!
oops i mean rabbits =X
me with rabbit #1
don't ask why i hide at kak kak
still cant get over my hair T.T
bought these from 100 yen shop
not cute meh?
can even open up
like lego!

that night.
i didn't take any photos.
because the lighting was not good
these are what i took
love letters
from me
to my friends who could make it that night!

lynn chan. nearly lost this friend. lucky i didn't.
things changed.
time passed.
but i hope friends remain friends!
he wrote me back a meaningful message
i was touched i almost cried
but i didn't
i just kept smiling.
like a fool.
thank you my friend!
we don't talk much
but i don't know why is his letter that long.
always loves to bully me
but also a faithful listener.
i miss her so much!
haven't seen her for ages
but she is still as tall
how call gaomei
lasap liang
my didi =)
thanks. thanks =D
no idea why.
i mean, it's not like we didn't meet for years
my best friend
in my class
i forgot what i wrote
he is indeed a nice friend.
and definitely a gentleman
aiseh lucky he cant see this if not
nose pong again @@
mr green and eco!
my bf no 3
ok la he was never my bf but i like calling him that.
hope he wont forget us even with his new friends =D
i used to collect all these beautiful papers and envelopes
and i never intended to use them up
merely because they are too beautiful to me
but i guess
by writing love letters to my lovely friends, it's worth it!
wait till i get the chance to meet ah jo, meilin mama and miss stella hii. =)
i love my friends!
thanks for beautifying my life.
i suddenly miss school times.
btw i purposely edited the effect of the letters.
so that what i wrote
is only in between me and that particular person

wow this post sure took me long.
it's high time i slept.
i don't wanna become the next panda.
nite people

ohh and this is joshua's version of the gathering XD
click here if you wanna read it.
at least his has photos of food and us haha.
happy new year! =)

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