Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the past. now. the future

bye to year 2010 and all the terrible happenings i had before today.
my life was a mess, entwined in between destruction and disaster.
i made choices which were so stupid they ruined the part of my life which should be filled with happiness
i hurt people and got hurt
i hated myself for causing heartache and worries to those who love and care for me
i plastered a big smile on my face while inside i was living in a cocoon of fear and darkness
i had little faith, i doubted things would be better for me
i gave in to that fear and was immediately engulfed by darkness
still, i continued smiling like it was nothing at all
once in a while, i get to forget what i was going through

now, i am freed, partially
the past still haunts me.
i have nightmares.
but i know one day, i'll recover
my wounds will be healed
and my scars erased
i am getting stronger
i am standing firm
i am taking up a few challenges
i hope i can complete them
now i can smile from the bottom of my heart
i like how this smile feels on my face
because right now it echoes with what i really feel inside
i'm officially a brand new me
let the past pass =)
i have learnt a lot
and among them, i learned to believe
and to love myself more =D

i will continue growing
i need to be more matured and independent
eating alone can be lonely
but it can also mean i am no longer afraid of loneliness
being single is nice, in fact, it is addictive
life is too short to be wasted in tears and disappointment
great transformations occurred in me and my life
luckily there are things which i had with me all along the journey.
Him, my friends, and my family!

this post is freaking long with only words and no picture at all to colour it up
i dunno if anyone reads until here because i probably wouldn't XD
but IF you do, let me say this to you, you are one of them i meant up there, you are part of my source of courage, thank you so much. I love you!!

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