Sunday, January 23, 2011

i need some serious sleep =(

i've been pretty busy recently.
hence the lack in blogging
and online-ing.
if there is such thing called online-ing that's it haha.
why so busy?
because i had a project going on!
our Q1 lg booklet.
but fulfilling. =).
yes, haha. i used makeup to colour them again.
project two
this is the backside of my bible.
due to the colours of the sticker
two people thought i was actually reading a dictionary.
yes Oxford dictionary, the one navy blue with red and yellow.
since my bible edi mi mi lok lok
and since i had the diy mood on
and my things were still not kept..
i did this!
i think i like!
see the side still got this ah!
was tempted to write L.o.D.e.E studio again at the backside
a bit paiseh i duno why hahaha.
no logo T.T
the photos below are repeated.
i dunno why
so dont blame me
it's bloggers fault
off for breakfast!

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