Monday, January 31, 2011

fly me to the moon =)

last Saturday. we decided to celebrate lu ee’s 20th birthday with her. special day tho, 5 friends of mine are having birthday on the same day, and even olin’s dad. lucky i don’t have to share my birthday with so many ppl hahaha okay i know this saying is not logical at all but i don’t care. @@.

so we decided to go to planet amour or amore or whatever it was hehehe i never bothered to check the spelling not like they’ll pay me for spelling it right right? =D.

after work ibeho came with my mum for me. and this card was produced! ahh and we painted nails!



and what we wore. sien i look so fat. == no i mean i am so fat. haha. sad. =((

and due to the too red lighting there, i didn’t take many pictures again.

ibeho’s fish whatever i forgot again T.t and my chicken chop.

the birthday girl is so leng, in a matured way, when can i ever be like her? ahha dreaming on.

and even nicholas lau can slim down gosh. ==


ugly i know. flash ma. and no photo editor here ma. XD

okay i’m not in the blogging mood la actually.

i need to let my brain rest.

will be back when i’m in the mood.

someone, anyone, please fly me to the moon!!!!!

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