Tuesday, February 1, 2011

uh i dunno what should i name this hehe

seriously what's wrong with the bras nowadays?
with the sponge kao til lidat
even airport can become C cup hahahahah.

tomorrow is sa zhap meh.
and i have to work ==
i start to wonder
if my boss is really a Chinese.
kns. ==

i'm so tired.
but i so got xim blog now
but i have nth to say

guess what?
it suddenly struck me that this year i am 20
i start laughing at things that are not funny at all
i listen to my colleagues who are all way older than me
i hear them laughing over something so lame
and i was thinking gosh
get a life
this also funny meh?
i was actually smiling at the thing they were laughing about
which makes me almost as lifeless as them
i feel so dead now. T.T

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