Monday, February 28, 2011


so this is another outdated post.
old photos.
this day i went out with my form 6 classmates.
to station one at the hills
i think i seriously need to slim down T.T shit
ola. i got edit my face not so big la T.T
dowan take photo with her liao.
cz mcm i sendiri syok @@
ah don's phone.
he tied it up because it is loose
so funny!
my mushroom soup. wahhh!
actually not really nice haha
ah don's duno wat name food. XD
and my red bean passion.
full dao T.T
should've just ordered it.
and yes tat's sara at the background.
he laughed at my pimple
i laughed at his skin colour
which got darker after he came back from India
then he shut up. LOL

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