Thursday, February 3, 2011

xin nian kuai le =D

happy chinese new year! =D
was baking cheese cakes on Sunday!
taken before starting, with apron kok so action.
but haha action de la, apron for photo oni la T.T
the bottom layer.
smelt nice
looked nice
tastes far from nice T.t
three failures =(
let me tell u something funny
for the blueberry cheese cake
the recipe requires 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
and brilliant me
i added lemon juice from two lemons. LOL
my tuan yuan fan.
my rice must add sesame seed de!
a fact about our house
each year there'll be something different
be it interior or exterior
so now we have this red red corner
and we always do it on the sa zhap meh
so that no one sees it hahaha
okay la that was just an excuse for doing things the last minute
watching fireworks alone hiding inside my curtain
and desperately trying to take some photos with my PRO hp cam haha
i cut my fringe
and my new pajamas XD
my my my new nails again!
a lesson learnt
do not paint your nails before u finish cleaning ur house T.T
red red lidat
cny ma =DDD
see i like action =D
qin ai de muilin mama said
hu xu.
and and and!
i saw my hongki on tv!!!!
i love hongki =D

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