Saturday, February 26, 2011

i promised. =P

so finally i set my butt down
and started editing
and blogging.

what i wore to get results.
i duno eksyen o not
but i happy. =P
where else to go? so we went to the spring again T.T
M size. L size. haha
S size. L size. FML hahaha.
meilin mama complained her fringe was too long it was hard to take photos.
so she lagi eksyen went cut her fringe
for rm15. FHL!
can cut a whole head outside liao T.T
but nbm
worth it
see. hahaha
then we were all hungry.
so we headed to sushi king for lunch.
bu man ni shuo, zhang zhe me da
hai bu ceng qu guo sushi king
beh hu beh hu wan take photo
duno why results lidat stil got mood but that's me hahahha
meilin mama's cold die noodle.
my hot die noodle.
okay it was not so hot die la haha.
ibeho's rice which she din like lol.
and sushi. XD
and green tea. XD
din take ibeho's drinks cz it was yucky as she said
btw the lunch was on mama. thank you =))
then it was KBOX TIME!
long time no sing k liao.
i nearly cried because i was so happy.
and u see ibeho
happy dao roll on cushion ahhahahahha
and we took the emo photos i posted yesterday. XD
then it was toilet time, LOL
thanks again to meilin mama for the colourful bracelet. =)
bahaha. my rose!
and now.
fitting room time
i like.
because the fitting rooms are so big
that we can all fit in together!!
tried to be sexy
haih. fail chin =((
this got a bit gelik T.T
but not bad la
cz i like!
then in my house.
initially ibeho was coming over too.
but she said paiseh. T.T
so we took photos while waiting for her to video call with us hahahhaahha
first time got emo photo so bright hahahha
and these
are grabbed from meilin mama's upload.
that's all for today.
tomorrow this time i'll be sleeping in KL.
and the day after tomorrow.
i'll be STUCK in guilin. T.T
i will continue blogging though
so stay tuned.
who knows.
i might even write poems hahaha
i know i'm humorous thanks so much. XD
goodnite. =)

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