Saturday, February 5, 2011


hello! it's the second day of CNY!
must take photo dunno why
we need a bigger mirror
and perhaps
a good camera?
i like what froggie wore today!
pink dao no one got!
okay, i'm coming clean
i edited the effect
my arm la
this one so fat
no edit =D
a new way to take photo for dong qi and xi qi =D
me and yobee.
after a very tragic incident!
i never believed in karma
but now
i do.
i remember when i was in primary 5
i went to a friend's party in sugarbun yes the biggest sugarbun in satok
and a girl i didn't know very well
was eating her chicken wing
i was thinking walao need so action ma ppl all use hand she use fork bah!
then suddenly
her chicken wing flew away! we laughed like no tomorrow! T.T

so this afternoon
we were having brunch in yobee's house
i wanted to eat my masak merah
so i tried to poke it with my fork
but it was too hard
and it flew to my dress! FML! white dress kok T.T
luckily the detergent was strong
but it got so wet i had to turn it to the backside so the back is now the front! T.T
i dowan eat masak merah lw =(
end of story.
um i think they look cute =D
after that
in Bella's house
cousin's wedding photo.
took some nice ones.
no play play lo go taiwan take!
when i get married i oso wan hahahaha
nola i dowan get married can? T.T

and was introduced to a new version of monopoly!
MONOPOLY DEAL! monopoly doesn't mean hours throwing dice liao!
change liao lo!
ahh a glimpse of my right hand nails =D
yes i most eksyen like different de thank you.
before leaving her house!
i like that cap!
why din i buy?
i oso duno T.T
i duno why dong qi likes to take photo just like me tiam this toy =(
and i like this oi!
i look so pretty cz half my face gone HAHA
a bit sien
someone please teach me how to take photos!
nice lighting + no photo feel = BETTER DUN TAKE PHOTO LA WASTE BATTERY LOL
wan man a bit.
see i can so man
yucks a bit gelik T.T

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