Sunday, February 13, 2011


it's my cousin's wedding!
here's the proposal video if some of you didn't see it. XD.
the wedding car.
sad that i was unable to join the church wedding.
we helped at the wedding dinner in Sharing Planet where he invited his friends only.
the angpows.
i oso tiger see see
i know i look terrible.
see hearts!
so cute lo. =D.
the door gifts. cute la T.T
no i don't like oysters. XD
i love ice cream. =D
wan special a bit
so need action banyak banyak.
stil got bunga bunga lidat.
i win. =D

the game he was forced to play.
another game.
no i wouldn't describe the game. haha. because i am lazy.
they hired a team of photographer.
ya they're the people's photographer.
there was a lady photographer.
i like her even though she didn't take photos for me
even though she didn't talk to me
the whole of her was shouting PRO to me i dunno why.
another reason why i didn't take many photos.
all pro camera around.
my phone oso shy.
if i were hardworking i could've edited this to make it nicer
but i am lazy =D
the lucky draw tickets
the unlucky ball which rolled here and there.
part of the backdrop. =)
part two.
when i am

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