Monday, February 21, 2011

i is so exhausted nao.

so i got my results.
i can't say i am very happy with the results.
but also i can't say i am sad.
chemistry is what i spent most time on, but the outcome was =(
but i guess it's okay
since i'm dropping science
of this i'm pretty sure. XD
after result taking, it's k time.
need to relax le ma XD.
they're more photos but i am so tired so i'll only upload 4 today.
we very action lo.
wan take emo de photos with the new bangle we got from meilin mama
and my rose ring ahaha.

attempt no 1. melody kho.
mcm not so emo t.T
attempt 2. meilin mama.
duno why wan take shoes btw hahaha
attempt 3. ibeho.
walao i like this the most T.T
call me pro photographer please thank you ahahahha muka tembok
i need keniu for better effects T.T
attempt 4. tiffany wong.
walao i think she's born to be emo hahaha
will update soon i hope XD

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