Monday, February 7, 2011


kaki judi came my house on Saturday night.
vivi's ben qian
yao xiu oh
parents give angpow
kids use the money to gamble
HSM senior high visitation

so cute lo the marshmallows in Lee Tieng's house
deformed Teletubbie!
the cute die panda in Jeffrey's house
i think i look like a panda here also ==
blah blah
we went to many houses
and the medals got more and more in each house
heng i no pamerkan mine cz all we have at home is like 10% of theirs lol

broke a glass at home
so after cleaning up i bathed and got change!
shuo shi zai de
got a bit sien dao wan die cz all the photos very de ugly
but i believe
zi ran jiu shi mei
at night.
the bear in ibeho's house.
then we went for Great Day
our seats were so satt lor.
ya you saw the periodic table
went with sis mum dad grandma and aunty
and our seats were Li, Na, K
and Xe, Kr, Ar
and i was sodium
the movie was not as sucky as what some ppl said la.
i actually ahha cried a few times
but so paiseh cz sitting beside a stranger t.T
i took half day off
just to go visiting with my dear friends
but ==
thanks to jireh chong ppl all busy
walao 21 nia ma T.T
not only me affected.
another friend had to stay home cz all his friends also went to jirehchong's party
wapiang T.T whole kuching go jireh house except for us haahha
my lunch.
the egg yolk!
finally they came to my house!
yes it was before ppl had to go to jirehchong's house @@
they were falling asleep
because i was painting lu ee's nails lol
and we found this angpow in olin's car
year 2005 punya toto LOL
the watermelon pudding in olin's house
i couldn't stop laughing when eating
ibeho looked like a tortoise
that's her shell
olin's shirt!
he didn't act stupid
it's the real him =X
thanks to olin's mummy for the dinner!
lomo me and olin =D
and kwangyan!
duno why the photo gone T.T
lazy upload again
wait i eng ba XD

me with ibeho
i'm tired.


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