Thursday, September 30, 2010


ohmygosh i am so happy i actually got 419,450 marks in bejeweled without buying any boosts XD gosh i am so happy so happy. lalalallalalala. lol.

anyway this post isn't about bejeweled.

i had my hair cut right?

kepo de me cut it again


because i got fed up with no fringe


what do you think?
i think it's quite okay lar.
die wan face XD

it's still mock but tomorrow is the English paper
guess i should relax first =X

Monday, September 27, 2010

wa ai gue

hua shuo dang tian, we went for the buffet in Saisaki.
at first there were very little people.
then when we were having our 9504054950490690569th round
i saw a group of people coming in
they were wearing white shirt and pants of course
and i thought
wow nurses come here to enjoy
when i was going to get ice cream
i saw one of the nurses getting ice cream too
she was so near to me i could see her face
then i went back and told my mum
walao mum nurse also make up so kao
when i went for other things
i saw another so called nurse, she had a tag on her shirt, it said consultant
i went back and conveyed this message to mum, and she said
they should be beauty or slimming consultant
okay, swt to myself.
not all white uniformed are nurses
hahahhaha (i dunno if you get my humour haha)
i dunno when will i be able to finish with my trip.

nice song! T.T

Sunday, September 26, 2010


hahaha. i guess i'm not yet done with the trip. this will be something very very extremely random. XD.

the apartment got a new set of sofa suddenly. looking at the colour, we all thought it was da jiu who bought it, because doesn't the colour look like the rimpoche's uniform? i dunno how to spell that but i mean the Tibetan monks and i mean what they wear instead of uniform. haha
we are pemakai sandals. comfy to wear when walking XD. but mine was the most comfy among all, (mum also wore just that we din take hers haha)
the gardens has a very beautiful toilet. look at the mirrors! too bad i look so ugly so i did not take any vain photos of mine. lucky for u LOL
now what is this?
what is this again? i know, very very random right?
nth la, i just wanted to show that I DID NOT FORGET JEREMY! =DDDDDDD
hongki oppa =P

and so today is Sunday
and so tomorrow i am having a Chemistry test
and so my second mock starts on Tuesday
and so you know it is the day after tomorrow
and i am still here
blogging crap
goodbye for now

Thursday, September 23, 2010


so yesterday it was the mid-autumn festival, or as i call it the mooncake festival. XD. we had a dinner at sharing, together with the relatives, and obviously were missing out alot also. it was just not the same anymore, family gatherings were usually fun with my cousins around, but now, i feel so lonely and only my dearest frog sister was my companion. the food was not nice, instead, i became the food to the mosquitoes staying in sharing planet. and the adults suddenly found interest in playing with Google earth and the whole night they were like "go to my house now" "go to kl find apartment" and so on and so on. @@. and so my time was wasted, not that i like to complain, but it was so lame, and there was neither mooncake nor lanterns, not like i like them so much but then without them what were we celebrating for anyway? i felt no joy =(.

okay, enough complaining, back to my trip to kl. =D. fyi, the trip was mainly for the FOOD! there is a japanese buffet restaurant which is said to be serving very very nice food especially their DESSERTS omigod. and so, we went to this restaurant named Saisaki haha it sounds like sasuke and suzuki. @@.

ate too much we were so full, take photo to consume energy haha

unfortunately, the food was not as nice as we imagined, and the desserts were so lousy even i could make something nicer, so only a little pictures were taken.

my second plate. the tempura was nice by the way =D
i think this was daddy's first plate
and my first plate!

no more photos. T.T because i was too disappointed with the food, must admit the sushis were nice, but too much sushi made me wanna puke. T.T.
however, the sashimi was yucky, the only time i enjoyed sashimi was when i was in China.
before going to japan, we were brought to a Japanese restaurant for their food, and their sashimi grossed me out, and i swore i was never gonna touch sashimi again, so I HAD NO SASHIMI IN JAPAN WHERE JAPANESE FOOD SHOULD TASTE THE NICEST AT scold me, i know i am stupid
hahaha, so when we were in China, we had japanese food, kunga asked me to try again, and it was NICE!! really dang NICE!
so i was looking forward to this Saisaki, but it was EEEW YUCKS!

end of post, too much crap today

btw, happy 14th birthday to my froggie sister =) <3

Monday, September 20, 2010

aku bukan shopaholic

yoyo i'm back. and i must say this is the first time since i started liking clothes that i bought so little from kl. it's kinda unbelievable but trust me, the picture below shows ALL the things i bought. =(.

grey olive oyl t-shirt - RM16.90 from G2, Sungei Wang
denim knee-length shorts - RM36.90 from G2, Sungei Wang
blue and white beads bracelet - i forgot the price, from Chameleon, KLCC
the faceshop GR503 light green nail polish - RM5.90 from the faceshop, Pavilion
etude house PK003 candy pink nail polish - RM5.90 from etude house, Pavilion
blue and white stripes flats - RM29 from cotton on, Pavilion

i really dunno why i bought so little. maybe there was too little time to shop. or maybe i dunno what i really want. so sick of thinking of what to wear or what i want to wear, it cracks my head. so i guess the best is staying home wearing pajamas XD. fyi, it's not like kuching has no faceshop if that's what you're thinking. it's just that we walked past and my dear sister saw 20% sales i was like ohmygosh so happy, and grabbed any colour which looked nice and just when i was paying baru i realized the 20% was for other cosmetics for example eye shadow etc @@. kanasai, they should have made it more clear de ma T.T. as for etude house, acceptable la, cz kuching dunhav ma, XD, tambahan Park Shin Hye is their new dai yan ren de shuo so i feel closer to Jeremy hahaha. and hor, that pair of shoes is like promotion item, i got them because abbiekho got two pairs of shorts from that shop so baru i was entitled to that pair of shoes at such price. blahhh, it's alright, i like them anyway. XD. however something weird occurred to me, how come i din buy any shorts geh? i mean the length i usually wear, i dunno why i get so sien T.T hhahaha LOL hasdjfhjsdhfhsjfhjhfjhfjhsd =D

oh and btw sg wang is forever as packed as usual @@ i dunno why again.

will be back with more updates about my trip so stay tuned =)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


yoho! since tomorrow is the day i am going to play, no where special la duh, kl. haha, so this is just a random post. as you can see, the photos below were taken before i had my hair cut.

yes, these two are me, haha. so weird, just the change of the parting direction changes the look of one. i know the one on the left looks much nicer right? but the right side is the real me. believe me, the left look ONLY looks good in photos. ==
smaller face, younger, i guess? XD
and of course, bigger face and older T.T
lalala look what i was wearing! trying the retro look!
tada! kek cute =X ji action de shuo XD

lol. i guess that's all, i said wad, random! XD.
maybe i'll have something nicer after the short trip, stay tuned (if there is anyone reading at all of course XD)

Monday, September 13, 2010

lets just leave this blank







Saturday, September 11, 2010


i haven been posting about hair for long. i was so in love with jeremy that i tried his hairstyle, he tied two small buns on top of his head, just that his hair is coconut that's all. however, i guess u failed, XD. maybe because my hair isn't blond and not as nice as his and i don't have the skill, he most probably let other people help him anyway. hahaha. so this is what came out ==

act cute XD
this was how my hair looked like yesterday
so yesterday
and yes people, finally i got my haircut. again, i regret. seems like i cannot communicate well with the hairstlylist, i always don't get what i want. =(

mou ngan tai.
i have to set my hair again =(
at least i got it cut anyway. :D. will be missing my long fringe tho o hiamed it tim teh =(

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

is it the weather?

i'm feeling so emo. LOL
when we were young, we loved to say when i grow up i want to this this this, i want to that that that, i will this this this, i will that that that, i will never this this this that that that etc etc.
when we were young we hated to be so young, we wanted to grow up, we wanted to do all things which we could not do as little kids.
as days pass with this longing still in us, we grow up, in a flick, our wishes all came true. we're now grown ups, no longer kids. then we start to regret. at least i do.
i wished i were still young when the only thing i had to decide was whether to eat this sweet or that chocolate, just a silly comparison anyway. i hate making decisions, because i cannot see what is in front. i hate doing something which might make me regret. i hate all the pressure and troubling feeling which i have whenever i think of some things. i hate the world which seems so simple but yet complicated. i miss being a little kid. =(.
there are just so many regrets, wish i own a time machine.
wished that life could have an undo button.
so many ridiculous wishes which will never come true. =((.
another question to ponder upon.
why do people fall in love, well i asked this before but i guess i never managed to get an answer
can we live without love?
nope we cannot.
there are so many different kinds of love but why are teenagers especially so blind to only see the love in between a guy and a girl? why can't we learn to be more appreciative towards other love, like the love from God, love from our parents, love from our friends, love from our toys (dong qi XD, except that it's not mine =[ )..? why do we keep hurting ourselves, thinking that he or she is the right one? isn't that like pure stupid. guess the saying is right, love is blind.

Monday, September 6, 2010

kick start my day

with facebook. what a good idea.
i should have known that it does me no good, but what to do
must cut this addiction, and i mean TOTALLY =(


Pengajian Am: 56
Chemistry: 45
Mathematics: 27
Physics: 25

MUET: 79

i chose physics but this is what i get, i should just go to bang my head against the wall =(

anyway, mum is back from her holiday. and she bought tons and tons of things. what can i say? China is definitely a good place to shop, but better not be going during the cold season, if not you can only wear what you bought there when you're going to be in an extremely cold air-con room, and that's like so rare, it's Malaysia people! we're having freaking hot summer whole year long =( and if i don't start my work now and i mean RIGHT NOW, my second mock will be totally RED

ps: Jeremy is still my love ahaha

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

can't stand

i really wished i were Go Mi Nam =(( help, anyone? T.T