Monday, September 20, 2010

aku bukan shopaholic

yoyo i'm back. and i must say this is the first time since i started liking clothes that i bought so little from kl. it's kinda unbelievable but trust me, the picture below shows ALL the things i bought. =(.

grey olive oyl t-shirt - RM16.90 from G2, Sungei Wang
denim knee-length shorts - RM36.90 from G2, Sungei Wang
blue and white beads bracelet - i forgot the price, from Chameleon, KLCC
the faceshop GR503 light green nail polish - RM5.90 from the faceshop, Pavilion
etude house PK003 candy pink nail polish - RM5.90 from etude house, Pavilion
blue and white stripes flats - RM29 from cotton on, Pavilion

i really dunno why i bought so little. maybe there was too little time to shop. or maybe i dunno what i really want. so sick of thinking of what to wear or what i want to wear, it cracks my head. so i guess the best is staying home wearing pajamas XD. fyi, it's not like kuching has no faceshop if that's what you're thinking. it's just that we walked past and my dear sister saw 20% sales i was like ohmygosh so happy, and grabbed any colour which looked nice and just when i was paying baru i realized the 20% was for other cosmetics for example eye shadow etc @@. kanasai, they should have made it more clear de ma T.T. as for etude house, acceptable la, cz kuching dunhav ma, XD, tambahan Park Shin Hye is their new dai yan ren de shuo so i feel closer to Jeremy hahaha. and hor, that pair of shoes is like promotion item, i got them because abbiekho got two pairs of shorts from that shop so baru i was entitled to that pair of shoes at such price. blahhh, it's alright, i like them anyway. XD. however something weird occurred to me, how come i din buy any shorts geh? i mean the length i usually wear, i dunno why i get so sien T.T hhahaha LOL hasdjfhjsdhfhsjfhjhfjhfjhsd =D

oh and btw sg wang is forever as packed as usual @@ i dunno why again.

will be back with more updates about my trip so stay tuned =)

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