Thursday, September 23, 2010


so yesterday it was the mid-autumn festival, or as i call it the mooncake festival. XD. we had a dinner at sharing, together with the relatives, and obviously were missing out alot also. it was just not the same anymore, family gatherings were usually fun with my cousins around, but now, i feel so lonely and only my dearest frog sister was my companion. the food was not nice, instead, i became the food to the mosquitoes staying in sharing planet. and the adults suddenly found interest in playing with Google earth and the whole night they were like "go to my house now" "go to kl find apartment" and so on and so on. @@. and so my time was wasted, not that i like to complain, but it was so lame, and there was neither mooncake nor lanterns, not like i like them so much but then without them what were we celebrating for anyway? i felt no joy =(.

okay, enough complaining, back to my trip to kl. =D. fyi, the trip was mainly for the FOOD! there is a japanese buffet restaurant which is said to be serving very very nice food especially their DESSERTS omigod. and so, we went to this restaurant named Saisaki haha it sounds like sasuke and suzuki. @@.

ate too much we were so full, take photo to consume energy haha

unfortunately, the food was not as nice as we imagined, and the desserts were so lousy even i could make something nicer, so only a little pictures were taken.

my second plate. the tempura was nice by the way =D
i think this was daddy's first plate
and my first plate!

no more photos. T.T because i was too disappointed with the food, must admit the sushis were nice, but too much sushi made me wanna puke. T.T.
however, the sashimi was yucky, the only time i enjoyed sashimi was when i was in China.
before going to japan, we were brought to a Japanese restaurant for their food, and their sashimi grossed me out, and i swore i was never gonna touch sashimi again, so I HAD NO SASHIMI IN JAPAN WHERE JAPANESE FOOD SHOULD TASTE THE NICEST AT scold me, i know i am stupid
hahaha, so when we were in China, we had japanese food, kunga asked me to try again, and it was NICE!! really dang NICE!
so i was looking forward to this Saisaki, but it was EEEW YUCKS!

end of post, too much crap today

btw, happy 14th birthday to my froggie sister =) <3

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