Saturday, September 11, 2010


i haven been posting about hair for long. i was so in love with jeremy that i tried his hairstyle, he tied two small buns on top of his head, just that his hair is coconut that's all. however, i guess u failed, XD. maybe because my hair isn't blond and not as nice as his and i don't have the skill, he most probably let other people help him anyway. hahaha. so this is what came out ==

act cute XD
this was how my hair looked like yesterday
so yesterday
and yes people, finally i got my haircut. again, i regret. seems like i cannot communicate well with the hairstlylist, i always don't get what i want. =(

mou ngan tai.
i have to set my hair again =(
at least i got it cut anyway. :D. will be missing my long fringe tho o hiamed it tim teh =(

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