Monday, September 6, 2010

kick start my day

with facebook. what a good idea.
i should have known that it does me no good, but what to do
must cut this addiction, and i mean TOTALLY =(


Pengajian Am: 56
Chemistry: 45
Mathematics: 27
Physics: 25

MUET: 79

i chose physics but this is what i get, i should just go to bang my head against the wall =(

anyway, mum is back from her holiday. and she bought tons and tons of things. what can i say? China is definitely a good place to shop, but better not be going during the cold season, if not you can only wear what you bought there when you're going to be in an extremely cold air-con room, and that's like so rare, it's Malaysia people! we're having freaking hot summer whole year long =( and if i don't start my work now and i mean RIGHT NOW, my second mock will be totally RED

ps: Jeremy is still my love ahaha

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