Wednesday, February 29, 2012

code 029

something has changed within me
something is not the same
i'm actually a bit taken aback by how fast time passes

i have made myself really busy with day dreaming, complaining about the Kem Seni, going to lectures and tutorials, paying attention or doodling in class, walking here and there, talking to people, ignoring some people, mentally assassinating some people, puffing hard when i finally reach the classrooms which are always at the topmost floor, panting hard when i finally reach level A300, eating edible-but-not-more-than-that food even though i always say i'm fat, doing little little assignments, reading my Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe at tortoise rate, waiting for Friday every Monday, washing clothes, looking into the mirror, and all sorts of really trivial things, February just flew past like a whirlwind without me even noticing! 

yes, i am aware that each day when i log onto blogger and type Code xxx in the title box, a day is either about to pass or is going to start or it might also be half of another day of the month of red hearts and pink bubbles. but! i am only counting the days without actually living them. ah, and another 5 minutes just passed. @@.

actually, this post is going to be semi-long. because i happen to have a few things, not exactly a few, TWO actually, at the moment.

so i did say that something has changed within me. it wasn't just because i couldn't get the song out of my head that i typed it out okay? something has definitely changed. the other day, Mummy called up while i was having dinner and serving as a 16kW bulb, and complained that i haven't been calling her for long. and i immediately felt guilty. i gave reasons and made excuses for myself  like ahh Kem Seni made grab every opportunity to rest, i was too tired, when i am free you are already sleeping and so on and so on. but when i come to think of it, it isn't really that hard to call when i am waiting for classes to start, when i come back to the hostel before taking my beloved nap, and when... , when .... , and many many moments. i remember laughing at zhangqijian's reminder in his phone to call his Mom often, but now, i am seriously considering to pin a note like that also, on my own notice board. T.T. since when did i become so lazy even to call mum? bad daughter =(. i think it's because i'm used to being alone in the sense that Daddy Mummy and Froggie are 105 minutes and a sea away from me, that caused my laziness. or maybe it's the new freedom. or maybe  i'm being selfish. or maybe it's just pure laziness. i still miss you, i still love you, ZHENDE ZHENDE! and.. DONGQI also T.T. and all of the sudden i'm getting sentimental ohno ==.

homaigad. what is the second thing i wanted to say? give me a few seconds..

*tick tick tick*
*tick tick tick tick*

ohh now i remember!
happy February 29th! today is a very special day like no others, because it only comes by once in every four years HAHA sorry i'm making it sound like you don't know already. ==
i hereby declare, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
see, i can actually do this! #likeaboss. XD
*pats self on the back & mental handshake*


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

code 028

whee the wifi was really down last night, T.T
whoo i'm having a headache =((.

class got boring..
cute not? =D

so today my group was supposed to have our presentation
and Belle the leader asked us to wear baju kurung 
i was late for the 9 o'clock class and when i went in
many were shocked, saying :"wah Melody wear baju kurung!"
WHAT? i wear baju kurung so weird meh was all i thought T.T
then yeemei told me Melody you look like Japanese err O.O
and after class at least 5 more coursemates told me i looked nice in baju kurung!
wahseh i never knew that haha and i became so paiseh @@.
who knows in the end, our group didn't get to present
so the baju kurung was worn in vain lol
and it was actually hard to walk in baju kurung T.T
i missed a bus to go back after class because it kurung-ed my actions
and i wasn't fast enough
so i could only bid the bus goodbye with my eyes T.T

Monday, February 27, 2012

code 027

morning, i'm early again because i was afraid i wouldn't have time for the rest of the day to blog and also worried that the internet will suddenly go down again which will cause me to fail on the 3rd last day of the challenge. hee, i can't believe February is almost over!
XD. me holding a phone with photo of me holding a phone with photo of me holding a phone and it goes on and on and on. phone-ception!! COOL MA!!? lol

people always say smart phone users are the anti-social group.
they're really wrong because even when i did not own a smart phone
i was already anti-social. ==
not in the sense that i have totally no friends
but i tend to shy away from most of the people
and up until now i still dunno WHY am i like that
and WHAT can i do to change that

i always face this 
so i always take out my phone and pretend to be busy instead of starting a conversation
or maybe i'm just lazy hence i wait for people to take the initiative
instead of thinking of something nice to say

and this also happens always T.T
especially when i walk away just to end the conversation #truestory!!
or when i see the car coming/ friends coming and dance joyously in my mind thinking: SAVIOR!

 and this
which i hate the most T.T
because the cycle starts again
Waa Melody so big already
WAA so tall just like daddy
Aiyo why your legs like that, you can ... .... .... ....
and all you have to do is smile and be polite, then they'll say
Hen guai oh Melody, jing jing de
then your smile gets more and more kaku
and you give out some err hehhe, thank you
and you can't wait for them to leave T.T

end of a very awkward post
illustrating le anti-social side of me.
byebye. @@


Sunday, February 26, 2012

code 026

my brain is drying up T.T.
maybe i should Google on How to make my blogposts less boring 
just wanted to show you my hair now

this is under sunlight
luckily it's no longer as ahlian as how it looked when it was just done
but the colour is still quite obvious because i can already see black roots T.T shit

but it looks better here right? hahaha
with lousy lighting lol
actually i posted it just because i looked fair up there =P

and guess what! 
i really so jaga my hair lo, see the hair vitamin for coloured hair
and also Liese hair cocktail..
haaa, i really admire myself for being so caring to my hair
haih should i go trim? will i regret?

i think my hair loss condition is getting worse..
but.. it's not even my desired length yet
grrr. how how how tell me HOW =(

Saturday, February 25, 2012

code 025

hi yo.. am blogging during the precious break for the really tiring Kem Seni. in case you don't know, we practise for HOURS, might be drilling on the same song, or even worse, same bar for hours! T.T. and everything starts as early as 730am, so wise people like me will definitely use the break time in between sessions to grab some sleep to sustain through the next session. i'm making it seem very torturing to you, and in some way, it is really THAT torturing T.T.

hence, when leeweiqi xiaomeimei and i were asked to represent the Modern Dance club for a few hours make up workshop, we were more than happy to accept the offer. heehee.

the before foundation photo.

and after. == 
the speaker's foundation was a very yellowish colour which i totally didn't wish to see to be on my face. but what could i do? T.T. and he even said it was not thick enough yet like i was trying to plaster my face instead of applying foundation T.T.
don't i look sunburnt? ==

the powders which made place on my face for a few hours..

and this is 
with foundation, powder, and shading.
but the only comments i can say are PALE and SICK.

then he moved on to demonstrate character make-up and other kinds of makeup 
by that time i already lost focus.
and look at the amount of cosmetics he has!!

Character make-up number 1 
i pity Cherie who was innocently pulled in just to be the model.
he actually used eyeliner on her teeth. T.T

this is the normal Cherie. haha
i'm once again amazed by the power of makeup.

another picture before removing the makeup
doesn't really look that obvious except for the very yellowish complexion
ooh and the pimples are also gone for the moment

it took me 4 pieces cotton pad full of makeup remover, one piece of tissue paper and 3 washes using my cleanser and body shampoo to completely remove all the makeup on my face. T.T
so scary how to survive the real competition day?
maybe the college will have to invest in makeup remover, a bottle per person. haha

okay i should go back and be my wise person -- REST before all else. byebye see you!

Friday, February 24, 2012

code 024

HI HI HI AGAIN! hopefully you aren't sick of me yet. =P
Breakfast at 9.27am in KFC =D
the porridge was really nice! heehee

Mr. Camwhore. 

us =) 
i am beginning to fear that my phone memory will run out sooner or later
because all these are only the few out of a whole plethora of silly photos we/ I/ he took! @@

have i mentioned before that one of my roommates graduated already
so that gives me more SPACE, yessss! 
so i finally forced myself to tidy up my side of the room
including my old table, NEW BIG TABLE =DDD, locker and bed!
no longer on top of the double decker
saves mummy's worries of me rolling down HAHAHA.

又是艳阳天 =)
是热死人的艳阳天啦 T.T

Thursday, February 23, 2012

code 023

hi it actually feels strange to have nothing to do. most of the Chinese are out at the reunion dinner and i am stuck in my hot room facing my laptop, logged onto blogger but somehow it failed me. so now i am actually blogging from the long time no see Windows Live Writer. i really should receive a big round of applause for the effort i make to blog since i have for now, 3 blogging platforms. WOW. okay so back to the point that i am stuck here, i don’t really feel that unhappy because in my opinion stuck is supposed to be something more negative like shit i am stuck here and you’re all enjoying. hehe i have no idea what i am trying to say so let me get back to whatever i am going to blog today. lol.

2012-02-22 15.15.17

could anyone please tell me who brings gold pieces around in the Uni la! @@.
the only reaction i could give to the notice was to burst out laughing when i know it is not even funny at all T.t. 拾金不昧.. bucuo, bucuo. lol.


2012-02-23 17.07.21

another thing is that..
education is not only the birth right of human
Xi Qi is also fighting for his right!
today, i went for Hubungan Etnik class in the Science Fac
to see a handsome guy! ya, that semangat!
i felt totally like a stalker so i eventually gave up =P
2012-02-23 22.37.51

i wouldn’t be me if i don’t doodle.
heehee. buhbye.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

code 022

i think i really work very well under pressure hahaha
yesterday was my first time joining an Indian event -- le Pesta Ponggal
i think Ponggal is a type of rice which looks very much like lo mai kai
but is cooked with milk
if i am not mistaken LA! XD
weird that being a Malaysian but i never knew the existence of such celebration
all i know about Indians are Thaipusam, Deepavali, roti canai, and Saravana Kumar haha.
so this is the champion for the melukis kolam competition which i was about to join but did not get to join
drawn by Henry and friends
i dunno why is it called Kolam because kolam is a lake kan? T.T
no logic T.T

and there was this
memecah belanga or something ga competition
contestants were to be blindfolded and walk towards the tiang and hit the pot

 and poor me was suddenly in the competition as well T.T
but all i did was walk very very slowly towards the wrong direction
and the crowd got noisier and everything got darker
Mr Teoh told me it was because many indians were standing in front of me
then the siren cried and i lost
because i took too much time lol

lastly, after most of the people left
the kolams.. lol

it was actually fun
i still dunno why i was afraid of all the things i saw when they set up
so many things to experience
so many things to see
i'm enjoying my life, sort of
if only Dr Jessie gave less assignments and presentations T.T

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

code 021

may your days be full of happiness and joy.
glad to have a nice friend like you.
i could have died of boredom if not for you!
i'm just so lucky to always meet nice nice people =D

also not to forget dear GAOMEI!
happy birthday to you
hopefully you grow taller and taller and taller
haha i was joking, T.T
hopefully I grow taller. lol

Monday, February 20, 2012

code 020

The best way to kill any spark of enthusiasm is by asking someone very pattern to come for choir practise. I can't believe that senior got onto my nerves by just being there haha and I still can't believe I was so angry I almost cried t.t. I think it's pms == hahaha. I'm sleepy. Blogging just to complete my challenge again. T.t. Lucky thing is that class was canceled hehe. And, it's time for some sleep! Ooh and I'm beginning to love one of my malay coursemates more and more, she's so amazingly FUNNY!! Ahhhh and the silliest thing a boring lecturer can ask his students to do is to ask them to bring laptop to class. No one was listening at all, at least I wasn't, until my facebook suddenly got hacked or whatever security problem it was t.t. Wa this is long! Haha goodnight. I need my beauty sleep lol.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

code 019

this isn't going to work. =(
why on earth did i set such a hard challenge for myself?
how is it even possible to write a post with MEANING or at least some POINT
every single day when your everyday is a routine? T.T
so this explains the silly topics i get to.
this photo is taken a VERY VERY long time ago
and since i had nothing in mind for today
actually i do have, i went to Kepong Market for a donation drive today
i felt so siasoi but hopefully the collection was good
although what i did most was only to smile and say thank you HAHA
never mind
i never knew that Facebook even launched their own line of eyewear. haha
any features like comment button?
ok not funny. lol.
off to read my Things Fall Apart.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

code 018

today i'm going to talk about some stupid things i did =3=
mind that these are only the tip of a very very huge iceberg! T.T

FIRST! which i still feel like killing myself for it..

hahaha actually it doesn't matter anymore. no longer playing
i've grown up! (HAHAHA NO.)

remember the vouchers i got from the Bento making competition?
i left them in my spoilt wallet in KL

hence no free Sushi King when i went back to Kuching
and WOW they're expired T.T
i feel so stupid without even needing someone to tell me so T.T 

whoo and guess what
i even left my LESEN MEMANDU MALAYSIA here in KL as well

i suddenly cannot think of anymore
but i know and you know and we all know
the list can go on forever.
haha. goodnight.
long day ahead =(

Friday, February 17, 2012

code 017

eee i'm very late again T.T
the terrible FESENI camp starts tomorrow 7.30am. HELLO hell =(
before anything.. heehee.
our second date =)

he's so hungry he wanted to eat me T.T
"after i finish up with this stupid necklace of yours, it's your turn! chiahahahha"
"T.T, somebody help me!"

wo yaoni budehaosi T.T.
gancui jiu bei wo niansi haole BAHAHAHA

think i'd lose to you meh! 
i also got a new boyfriend. haha

dinner in KL sentral
hee, i'm missing you already

this blog is getting a bit too lovey dovey omaigod i should really work on it soon
but it's kinda hard T.T

Thursday, February 16, 2012

code 016

crap crap crap i am running out of blogging materials sien T.T
luckily there's this photo i took in preparation for.. today. zz lol
i remember long long time ago i did mention about blogging on my handphone stories
ooh and did you know that Malaysia is the only country where people call handphones handphone?
i dunno whether it's true but according to this funny Indian lecturer of mine who is more like a motivational speaker than a lecturer, it is so. lol.

so i remember my first ever phone of my own was Nokia 2600
it was nothing good because it didn't even have a camera and i couldn't use nice nice ringing tone also. all was midi. Nokia 3200 was my dream phone then but never got to use it.
maybe i texted too much, thanks to MTV powerpack, yes i have been a very faithful user of that super good plan until August when i betrayed it and went postpaid T.T.
so maybe i texted too much that there was gradually problem with the keypad i think it was number 4 haha and 8. i don't think i changed the keypad though, all i did was to take type directly not through the keypad if you don't get it never mind you might not even be reading anyway hahaha
then came the problem with the charger. i left the charger on even when i wasn't using, until one day it could not charge anymore. and i chucked it for a new one but then came the problem with my battery which grew fat. i think that was when i finally seized the opportunity to ask for a new phone
but with some of my own money XD.
life of Nokia 2600: around 2 years.

then along came my Nokia 5300 music xpress
wahseh i was so haolian cz it was so in at that time lol
and main thing is it is RED and WHITE! superb combination in my opinion even now hehehe
except for the constant pecah-ing of the crystal protector or whatever it was called gosh i really forgot T.T
the phone worked pretty well and i never even complained about the 1.3mp or 2.0mp camera i forgot
i had the headphones stuck in my ears almost every physics tuition, because.. MUSIC XPRESS MA lol
then it was the problem with battery also.
i changed not less than 4 times but the same thing always happen
the battery finishes very very quickly.
but i didn't really care and continued using
until one night, i saw sparks coming out from the socket of the charger
and it scared me to semi-death haha
it was then i started to look at Sony Ericsson.
life of Nokia 5300: around 1 and a half years?

next to come was the Sony Ericsson K810i
was actually aiming for LG ice-cream but due to some reasons i finally settled for the Cybershot phone
being a very vain person, camera became the main thing i looked at before buying a phone haha
then when i looked back at the photos produced by Nokia, i thought i was so stupid to be satisfied with it at all.
we then did a comparison between Nokia, Sony, and Samsung with all 3.2mp camera
results: Nokia < Sony < Samsung
then came the problem which i knew in advance will for sure happen
so there was a time when i texted t|-|i$ way because of the few buttons which could not be used
and i sent it for repair for many times
i think even twice within the warranty period WOW
i have been using it for about 3 years but finally changed again since it always gives problems
it is still serving as an alarm clock, i guess that's the only good thing it can do now
because.. you'll see why later. XD

human are really ungrateful creatures
because after using SII now
i can't get myself to take photos using my K810i which lies beside my pillow anymore
the screen is SO SO SO SMALL!!
if only i could combine SII and K810i.
because i still prefer phones where i can type, not touch the screen only.
i was a very very fast texter, really fast. no longer T.T
and there isn't a safe way for me to type really well while walking because i need the full attention to MY SCREEN and THE ROAD if not you'll see me falling down because of the un-rata floor T.T

end of story.
hopefully SII will live long.
because i don't want to find myself smirking back at it haha.

pelik. i said i didn't know what to blog about
but this has to be the longest post for these few months. @@.
bye i need to sleep NOW before my weird roommate comes back and sing her religious song again T.T

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

code 015

ooh i'm early today! =D

“以后你来我就知道了…” =)

因为,下午有得睡觉 HAHAHA meiyoula! T.T
好啦,是你啦.. =D

最后,我 好 喜 欢 你 ! ! ! ! !


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

code 014 ♥

it's Valentine's day! =D!
but actually haha it's just another busy day with classes =(, laundry =T, nap XD and meeting T.T
thought i'd blog first while waiting for my valentine hahaha