Thursday, February 16, 2012

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crap crap crap i am running out of blogging materials sien T.T
luckily there's this photo i took in preparation for.. today. zz lol
i remember long long time ago i did mention about blogging on my handphone stories
ooh and did you know that Malaysia is the only country where people call handphones handphone?
i dunno whether it's true but according to this funny Indian lecturer of mine who is more like a motivational speaker than a lecturer, it is so. lol.

so i remember my first ever phone of my own was Nokia 2600
it was nothing good because it didn't even have a camera and i couldn't use nice nice ringing tone also. all was midi. Nokia 3200 was my dream phone then but never got to use it.
maybe i texted too much, thanks to MTV powerpack, yes i have been a very faithful user of that super good plan until August when i betrayed it and went postpaid T.T.
so maybe i texted too much that there was gradually problem with the keypad i think it was number 4 haha and 8. i don't think i changed the keypad though, all i did was to take type directly not through the keypad if you don't get it never mind you might not even be reading anyway hahaha
then came the problem with the charger. i left the charger on even when i wasn't using, until one day it could not charge anymore. and i chucked it for a new one but then came the problem with my battery which grew fat. i think that was when i finally seized the opportunity to ask for a new phone
but with some of my own money XD.
life of Nokia 2600: around 2 years.

then along came my Nokia 5300 music xpress
wahseh i was so haolian cz it was so in at that time lol
and main thing is it is RED and WHITE! superb combination in my opinion even now hehehe
except for the constant pecah-ing of the crystal protector or whatever it was called gosh i really forgot T.T
the phone worked pretty well and i never even complained about the 1.3mp or 2.0mp camera i forgot
i had the headphones stuck in my ears almost every physics tuition, because.. MUSIC XPRESS MA lol
then it was the problem with battery also.
i changed not less than 4 times but the same thing always happen
the battery finishes very very quickly.
but i didn't really care and continued using
until one night, i saw sparks coming out from the socket of the charger
and it scared me to semi-death haha
it was then i started to look at Sony Ericsson.
life of Nokia 5300: around 1 and a half years?

next to come was the Sony Ericsson K810i
was actually aiming for LG ice-cream but due to some reasons i finally settled for the Cybershot phone
being a very vain person, camera became the main thing i looked at before buying a phone haha
then when i looked back at the photos produced by Nokia, i thought i was so stupid to be satisfied with it at all.
we then did a comparison between Nokia, Sony, and Samsung with all 3.2mp camera
results: Nokia < Sony < Samsung
then came the problem which i knew in advance will for sure happen
so there was a time when i texted t|-|i$ way because of the few buttons which could not be used
and i sent it for repair for many times
i think even twice within the warranty period WOW
i have been using it for about 3 years but finally changed again since it always gives problems
it is still serving as an alarm clock, i guess that's the only good thing it can do now
because.. you'll see why later. XD

human are really ungrateful creatures
because after using SII now
i can't get myself to take photos using my K810i which lies beside my pillow anymore
the screen is SO SO SO SMALL!!
if only i could combine SII and K810i.
because i still prefer phones where i can type, not touch the screen only.
i was a very very fast texter, really fast. no longer T.T
and there isn't a safe way for me to type really well while walking because i need the full attention to MY SCREEN and THE ROAD if not you'll see me falling down because of the un-rata floor T.T

end of story.
hopefully SII will live long.
because i don't want to find myself smirking back at it haha.

pelik. i said i didn't know what to blog about
but this has to be the longest post for these few months. @@.
bye i need to sleep NOW before my weird roommate comes back and sing her religious song again T.T

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