Monday, February 20, 2012

code 020

The best way to kill any spark of enthusiasm is by asking someone very pattern to come for choir practise. I can't believe that senior got onto my nerves by just being there haha and I still can't believe I was so angry I almost cried t.t. I think it's pms == hahaha. I'm sleepy. Blogging just to complete my challenge again. T.t. Lucky thing is that class was canceled hehe. And, it's time for some sleep! Ooh and I'm beginning to love one of my malay coursemates more and more, she's so amazingly FUNNY!! Ahhhh and the silliest thing a boring lecturer can ask his students to do is to ask them to bring laptop to class. No one was listening at all, at least I wasn't, until my facebook suddenly got hacked or whatever security problem it was t.t. Wa this is long! Haha goodnight. I need my beauty sleep lol.

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