Friday, February 3, 2012

code 003

good afternoon! =D
i was never an adventurous person when it comes to food
but the food i have tried before doesn't tell the same story about this side of me
for example, i actually had anteater meat before when i was young
(cheated by aunty that it was chicken she was trying to stuff me with @@.)
and also Chou Tou Fu.
it was disastrous and i would NEVER try it again T.T
and i think i tried frog before also, I THINK nia la
i hope i didn't T.T
so anyway, believe it or not
yesterday was the first time ever in my life having Chicken feet!
and i even asked Froggie how to eat it
and she said: "bite it"
LOL, so i bit it.
and it was surprisingly nice
and i had 2 for lunch 1 for dinner!!
ok that's all for today HAHA i am hungry now.

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