Monday, February 27, 2012

code 027

morning, i'm early again because i was afraid i wouldn't have time for the rest of the day to blog and also worried that the internet will suddenly go down again which will cause me to fail on the 3rd last day of the challenge. hee, i can't believe February is almost over!
XD. me holding a phone with photo of me holding a phone with photo of me holding a phone and it goes on and on and on. phone-ception!! COOL MA!!? lol

people always say smart phone users are the anti-social group.
they're really wrong because even when i did not own a smart phone
i was already anti-social. ==
not in the sense that i have totally no friends
but i tend to shy away from most of the people
and up until now i still dunno WHY am i like that
and WHAT can i do to change that

i always face this 
so i always take out my phone and pretend to be busy instead of starting a conversation
or maybe i'm just lazy hence i wait for people to take the initiative
instead of thinking of something nice to say

and this also happens always T.T
especially when i walk away just to end the conversation #truestory!!
or when i see the car coming/ friends coming and dance joyously in my mind thinking: SAVIOR!

 and this
which i hate the most T.T
because the cycle starts again
Waa Melody so big already
WAA so tall just like daddy
Aiyo why your legs like that, you can ... .... .... ....
and all you have to do is smile and be polite, then they'll say
Hen guai oh Melody, jing jing de
then your smile gets more and more kaku
and you give out some err hehhe, thank you
and you can't wait for them to leave T.T

end of a very awkward post
illustrating le anti-social side of me.
byebye. @@


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