Thursday, February 23, 2012

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hi it actually feels strange to have nothing to do. most of the Chinese are out at the reunion dinner and i am stuck in my hot room facing my laptop, logged onto blogger but somehow it failed me. so now i am actually blogging from the long time no see Windows Live Writer. i really should receive a big round of applause for the effort i make to blog since i have for now, 3 blogging platforms. WOW. okay so back to the point that i am stuck here, i don’t really feel that unhappy because in my opinion stuck is supposed to be something more negative like shit i am stuck here and you’re all enjoying. hehe i have no idea what i am trying to say so let me get back to whatever i am going to blog today. lol.

2012-02-22 15.15.17

could anyone please tell me who brings gold pieces around in the Uni la! @@.
the only reaction i could give to the notice was to burst out laughing when i know it is not even funny at all T.t. 拾金不昧.. bucuo, bucuo. lol.


2012-02-23 17.07.21

another thing is that..
education is not only the birth right of human
Xi Qi is also fighting for his right!
today, i went for Hubungan Etnik class in the Science Fac
to see a handsome guy! ya, that semangat!
i felt totally like a stalker so i eventually gave up =P
2012-02-23 22.37.51

i wouldn’t be me if i don’t doodle.
heehee. buhbye.

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