Tuesday, February 28, 2012

code 028

whee the wifi was really down last night, T.T
whoo i'm having a headache =((.

class got boring..
cute not? =D

so today my group was supposed to have our presentation
and Belle the leader asked us to wear baju kurung 
i was late for the 9 o'clock class and when i went in
many were shocked, saying :"wah Melody wear baju kurung!"
WHAT? i wear baju kurung so weird meh was all i thought T.T
then yeemei told me Melody you look like Japanese err O.O
and after class at least 5 more coursemates told me i looked nice in baju kurung!
wahseh i never knew that haha and i became so paiseh @@.
who knows in the end, our group didn't get to present
so the baju kurung was worn in vain lol
and it was actually hard to walk in baju kurung T.T
i missed a bus to go back after class because it kurung-ed my actions
and i wasn't fast enough
so i could only bid the bus goodbye with my eyes T.T

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