Monday, February 6, 2012

code 006

YOO! happy zhap goh meh! =DD
one of the many dishes from the gathering in Xiaojiu's house
super Pen Cai by Aunty JuiJui

the table was actually full of different kind of meat
and i felt so barbaric @@. 
apple crumble pie by cindy jiejie =D
the nicest part was actually the... vanilla ice cream. haha

our handsomest hongzai.. 
forever alone again lol

i dunno if i slept the afternoon away because they were watching feichengwurao which i dislike very much haha. and woke up for quanyuan taozou zhong.
and i dunno is it because we are grew up
it wasn't as fun as the previous gathering already.
or maybe it was just me
or.. the absence of some other cousins.
why am i being sentimental == lol

lastly.. (just in case you forgot my face HAHAHA which is impossible)

and finally, the celebration of Chinese New Year 2012 officially ends.
see you next year =D

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