Sunday, February 26, 2012

code 026

my brain is drying up T.T.
maybe i should Google on How to make my blogposts less boring 
just wanted to show you my hair now

this is under sunlight
luckily it's no longer as ahlian as how it looked when it was just done
but the colour is still quite obvious because i can already see black roots T.T shit

but it looks better here right? hahaha
with lousy lighting lol
actually i posted it just because i looked fair up there =P

and guess what! 
i really so jaga my hair lo, see the hair vitamin for coloured hair
and also Liese hair cocktail..
haaa, i really admire myself for being so caring to my hair
haih should i go trim? will i regret?

i think my hair loss condition is getting worse..
but.. it's not even my desired length yet
grrr. how how how tell me HOW =(

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