Saturday, February 25, 2012

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hi yo.. am blogging during the precious break for the really tiring Kem Seni. in case you don't know, we practise for HOURS, might be drilling on the same song, or even worse, same bar for hours! T.T. and everything starts as early as 730am, so wise people like me will definitely use the break time in between sessions to grab some sleep to sustain through the next session. i'm making it seem very torturing to you, and in some way, it is really THAT torturing T.T.

hence, when leeweiqi xiaomeimei and i were asked to represent the Modern Dance club for a few hours make up workshop, we were more than happy to accept the offer. heehee.

the before foundation photo.

and after. == 
the speaker's foundation was a very yellowish colour which i totally didn't wish to see to be on my face. but what could i do? T.T. and he even said it was not thick enough yet like i was trying to plaster my face instead of applying foundation T.T.
don't i look sunburnt? ==

the powders which made place on my face for a few hours..

and this is 
with foundation, powder, and shading.
but the only comments i can say are PALE and SICK.

then he moved on to demonstrate character make-up and other kinds of makeup 
by that time i already lost focus.
and look at the amount of cosmetics he has!!

Character make-up number 1 
i pity Cherie who was innocently pulled in just to be the model.
he actually used eyeliner on her teeth. T.T

this is the normal Cherie. haha
i'm once again amazed by the power of makeup.

another picture before removing the makeup
doesn't really look that obvious except for the very yellowish complexion
ooh and the pimples are also gone for the moment

it took me 4 pieces cotton pad full of makeup remover, one piece of tissue paper and 3 washes using my cleanser and body shampoo to completely remove all the makeup on my face. T.T
so scary how to survive the real competition day?
maybe the college will have to invest in makeup remover, a bottle per person. haha

okay i should go back and be my wise person -- REST before all else. byebye see you!

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