Wednesday, February 22, 2012

code 022

i think i really work very well under pressure hahaha
yesterday was my first time joining an Indian event -- le Pesta Ponggal
i think Ponggal is a type of rice which looks very much like lo mai kai
but is cooked with milk
if i am not mistaken LA! XD
weird that being a Malaysian but i never knew the existence of such celebration
all i know about Indians are Thaipusam, Deepavali, roti canai, and Saravana Kumar haha.
so this is the champion for the melukis kolam competition which i was about to join but did not get to join
drawn by Henry and friends
i dunno why is it called Kolam because kolam is a lake kan? T.T
no logic T.T

and there was this
memecah belanga or something ga competition
contestants were to be blindfolded and walk towards the tiang and hit the pot

 and poor me was suddenly in the competition as well T.T
but all i did was walk very very slowly towards the wrong direction
and the crowd got noisier and everything got darker
Mr Teoh told me it was because many indians were standing in front of me
then the siren cried and i lost
because i took too much time lol

lastly, after most of the people left
the kolams.. lol

it was actually fun
i still dunno why i was afraid of all the things i saw when they set up
so many things to experience
so many things to see
i'm enjoying my life, sort of
if only Dr Jessie gave less assignments and presentations T.T

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