Sunday, February 5, 2012

code 005

Popular in Boulevard last night was impossible for me to even walk with ease.
but i was planning to use my first BB1M voucher.
i guess everyone else was T.T

hence, went to Tun Jugah this morning 
the whole top floor is renovated to become a BIG BIG Popular Bookstore
and it was really nice! =D
should find more time to go there again! hehe

 was looking around for books
the line above attracted me but i dunno why i didn't get the book.
oh ya, cz froggie didn't want it lol

so finally i settled with the below goodies 
and another love lai love qu kao peh kao bo book for Froggie OOPS haha

and guess what!
i finished reading Xing Kong right there and gosh it was nice
i had goosebumps but i dunno why ==
maybe i was just cold haha
but it was really worth reading!
and now, i can't wait to watch the movie version.

=DDD! byebye! XD

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