Friday, February 17, 2012

code 017

eee i'm very late again T.T
the terrible FESENI camp starts tomorrow 7.30am. HELLO hell =(
before anything.. heehee.
our second date =)

he's so hungry he wanted to eat me T.T
"after i finish up with this stupid necklace of yours, it's your turn! chiahahahha"
"T.T, somebody help me!"

wo yaoni budehaosi T.T.
gancui jiu bei wo niansi haole BAHAHAHA

think i'd lose to you meh! 
i also got a new boyfriend. haha

dinner in KL sentral
hee, i'm missing you already

this blog is getting a bit too lovey dovey omaigod i should really work on it soon
but it's kinda hard T.T

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