Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I'm back
My dearest popo left us when we were still in Taiwan
I didn't want to believe that she's gone
I couldn't stand looking at her, still, inside that cold box
Why didn't I spend more time with her when I could?
Why didn't I even take a photo with her?
I don't wanna face any more deaths, too much to take. :(

Popo, rest in peace. ツ

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

life is

it's my last day of SOP!! HURRAY!!
the original plan was to blog about my five days but certain things came up.

a lecturer of mine, young, fun, lovely, passed away. it was shocking, and really saddening. once again show us how fragile human life is.

it's time to be appreciative for everything we take for granted of. to every single person in my life, thank you so much! please love yourself and take good care, for there is only this one life, this one body.

at the meantime, I'm flying off at 9.40am to KK for a day, then it's the TAIWAN TRIP!!! yayyyyy! see you!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

let's go save some fish!

went back to my beloved Kuching High 2 times
to settle the SOP

good news is...

but I left all my formal wear in KL

see. shoes again XD
a walk down memory lane
I relived the moments of us friends lepak-ing after school.
but it wasn't in this direction that we went lepak

as I walked down the hill I remembered how suffering it was for us, especially under the sun. and when I reached the bottom of the hill, I thought to myself "eh, not that tiring also leh, I wonder what was I thinking years back". until I suddenly realized the suffering part was climbing up the hill. hahaha. and I had to laugh at myself inside my head, don't wanna risk looking like a lunatic under broad daylight. hahaha but now that I am alone in my room I think it is acceptable.

I just laughed at myself ==

recent read and a new pair of slippers.

was instantly attracted by the title
do fishes even drown? haha

A pious man explained to his followers: "It is evil to take lives and noble to save them. Each day I pledge to save a hundred lives. I drop my net in the lake and scoop out a hundred fishes. I place the fishes on the bank, where they flop and twirl. "Don't be scared," I tell those fishes. "I am saving you from drowning." Soon enough, the fishes grow calm and lie still. Yet, sad to say, I am always too late. The fishes expire. And because it is evil to waste anything, I take those dead fishes to market and I sell them for a good price. With the money I receive, I buy more nets so I can save more fishes."

gibberish but reflects human so well. hahaha. they can ALWAYS, unfailingly justify all their actions. lol.

Friday, July 12, 2013

the undomestic domestic goddess

you know what? it seems that every single time I want to blog, the stupid internet will be down. lol
in the past hour I have experienced at least 3 disconnections which take more than 30 seconds zzz
I've finally gotten off my laziness, but I don't know how long this can last
so here comes my kitchen adventures. =D

somehow the crazy cousin and I were chatting on Skype, which I still find funny because we didn't even skype when I was in KL lol. so somehow, we started sharing photos of cute bento boxes and very spontaneously decided to make one the next day.
and because of that spontaneity, we found ourselves lacking of green vegetables and seaweed LOL 

and so the green thing you see is actually lady finger which mum cooked for lunch, and the penguin which should be wrapped in seaweed is now white rice mixed with sesame powder. haha. I guess you never know your potential until you are forced to unleash them. major lol to that statement I think I sounded so philosophic XD 

tadaaa! and until we finished did we realize that we made the bento just to take photos HAHAHA
should've used the camera but I was too lazy. pardon the grainy quality.
I guess technology has made us very lazy. (pointing fingers to justify my laziness again hahaha)

you have to really applaud the Japanese mothers who always manage to come out with kyaraben (character bentos) or at least bento for their kids. this takes up so much time! but maybe practice makes perfect lol.

some few days later
Miss Froggie and I made pumpkin with sago and santan
I remember us cooking this few years back and it tasted really nice
we googled the recipe again but didn't bother to follow the ratio of the ingredients

and so it turned out not thick enough because the santan to pumpkin ratio was totally off
and too sticky because greedy us added in A LOT of sago. hahaha

will be back soon with other updates. buhbye =D

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

lazy lazy lazy. oh. Oinky bathed =D

I am desperately trying to keep this blog updated but I am too lazy for anything
so here's something close to nothing
the view from inside the aircraft is always so beautiful
the sky so blue, the clouds so white and so fluffy
and I absolutely love the window seats!!!

taken once I reached home some 9 days ago
yea the specs very swaggy lol

and hey look!! I have a baby who doesn't grow up! lol.

I think karma got to me for commenting on the *insert month*-please-be-good-to-me issue
because I have to go through extra trouble in order to get my SOP done
and the stupid State Education Department hasn't got back to me yet.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

ptptn kids are poor T.T

so I started working
as a promoter
a sampling promoter

for four days/ 2 weekends

pardon all my selfies.

but hey..

I love my Oinky =D

in the ice room in Aeon.
it looked like a huge bowl of shaved ice
all I needed was mango, lots and lots of fresh mango *drooling*
can't wait to go to taiwan because I heard it's the mango season now and their mango ice is superb!

I made so much coffee and served so many cups my hands were actually shaking
sales was not bad but too bad no commission. =(

oh yea. so the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf launched instant coffee. haha

was quite lucky because one day the Coffee Bean rep came and this is what I got for my lunch

for free okay? whee!!
but I would've been happier if it were cake XD

of course, thank so much to my penguin for sending me and picking me up from work
taken on our 18th monthsary.
somehow I still find you too good to be true.

some announcements:
I'm back to bellydancing again (YAY!!) but I have gotten rusty T.T
starting to work again next Monday, as a waitress!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

heyy July

hi, I don't really get those July please be good to me statuses or captions everyone is posting because it's just another day for God's sake. haha. I didn't mean to be offensive but seriously.. heyy but wait, wait! it's July, and I am back home, and going to Taiwan in less than 3 weeks time! so I guess July is gonna treat me pretty good. lol. shall be back blogging after I am done being lazy. =D. till then, bye!