Saturday, July 6, 2013

ptptn kids are poor T.T

so I started working
as a promoter
a sampling promoter

for four days/ 2 weekends

pardon all my selfies.

but hey..

I love my Oinky =D

in the ice room in Aeon.
it looked like a huge bowl of shaved ice
all I needed was mango, lots and lots of fresh mango *drooling*
can't wait to go to taiwan because I heard it's the mango season now and their mango ice is superb!

I made so much coffee and served so many cups my hands were actually shaking
sales was not bad but too bad no commission. =(

oh yea. so the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf launched instant coffee. haha

was quite lucky because one day the Coffee Bean rep came and this is what I got for my lunch

for free okay? whee!!
but I would've been happier if it were cake XD

of course, thank so much to my penguin for sending me and picking me up from work
taken on our 18th monthsary.
somehow I still find you too good to be true.

some announcements:
I'm back to bellydancing again (YAY!!) but I have gotten rusty T.T
starting to work again next Monday, as a waitress!


tien mie said...

hey u're working in bandar utama aka one utama?? how long will u be working? I can come pop by and visit u hehe

mOmO said...

haha tien mie, worked until 30th june, I'm back in kuching already! =)