Friday, July 12, 2013

the undomestic domestic goddess

you know what? it seems that every single time I want to blog, the stupid internet will be down. lol
in the past hour I have experienced at least 3 disconnections which take more than 30 seconds zzz
I've finally gotten off my laziness, but I don't know how long this can last
so here comes my kitchen adventures. =D

somehow the crazy cousin and I were chatting on Skype, which I still find funny because we didn't even skype when I was in KL lol. so somehow, we started sharing photos of cute bento boxes and very spontaneously decided to make one the next day.
and because of that spontaneity, we found ourselves lacking of green vegetables and seaweed LOL 

and so the green thing you see is actually lady finger which mum cooked for lunch, and the penguin which should be wrapped in seaweed is now white rice mixed with sesame powder. haha. I guess you never know your potential until you are forced to unleash them. major lol to that statement I think I sounded so philosophic XD 

tadaaa! and until we finished did we realize that we made the bento just to take photos HAHAHA
should've used the camera but I was too lazy. pardon the grainy quality.
I guess technology has made us very lazy. (pointing fingers to justify my laziness again hahaha)

you have to really applaud the Japanese mothers who always manage to come out with kyaraben (character bentos) or at least bento for their kids. this takes up so much time! but maybe practice makes perfect lol.

some few days later
Miss Froggie and I made pumpkin with sago and santan
I remember us cooking this few years back and it tasted really nice
we googled the recipe again but didn't bother to follow the ratio of the ingredients

and so it turned out not thick enough because the santan to pumpkin ratio was totally off
and too sticky because greedy us added in A LOT of sago. hahaha

will be back soon with other updates. buhbye =D

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