Tuesday, May 31, 2011


i think longer sleeping hours is the only thing i like about holidays.

冥想 放空 发霉


Monday, May 30, 2011

hello hello

it's me again, lazy to change the photo size again!

i cooked this on Saturday! =DD
nice ma?
i very proud bo XD
it took me less than an hour to finish preparing 3 sets.
haolian-ing XD

saw these yesterday in Cold Storage.
sakai never see such big onions T.T
then when cutting them masi need cry dao no tomorrow? T.T

and and and GUESS WHAT!
ft island released their new mini album!

oppa! <3

Saturday, May 28, 2011

xi guan jiu hao.

my advance teachers day flowers from three cute primary 3 kids.
it was the teachers' day celebration yesterday
but because of the interview i had to skip it
i actually felt bad
because i promised all four classes that i would be going to their class
i don't like the feeling of flying them aeroplane
especially after i have promised them
i don't like to pecah amanah T.T
weird but i am beginning to like the kids
even if they're naughty
even if they like to bully me
but i am retiring very soon.
will i really lose the bet with ibeho about not crying T.T
i guess humans are really creatures of habit GG.com GG.com

Friday, May 27, 2011

tesl interview

saw mama's post =)
thanks for your wish,
see they wan give me o not le XDD
and my dear mama went for sponsorship interview yesterday
i guess we are all moving in our own ways to the station of tomorrow.
yi qi jia you ba my beloved sekalian XD

this morning, i woke up
rushed to school
just to get this!
PASSIONATE weih! hahaha.
thanks to the PK1 who drafted this letter for me
even before the headmaster reached
hope this really adds some points for me ><

what i wore initially for the interview
i really don't have something more formal T.T
goodbyed to my strings.
no strings attached! O.O haha
but after the teachers saw me
the said: "you better go borrow a set of baju kurung"
so this is me
in cousin's baju kurung
why i dun even have baju kurung padahal it is pretty important
for interviews like this
you ask me
i also don't know. haha.
but you didn't ask
so i kepo kepo ask for you. haha

the interview was in UiTM
which was almost an hour drive from here.
we even went to borrow the GPS from meowth
just to find out that it was hard to use
or maybe we were pure stupid
luckily uncle's iPhone got gps as well and it was much more user-friendly
wasted mum's time rushing to green road
and wasted meowth's time for waiting paiseh T.T

okay skip, it took us long enough to reach the campus
because of 2 detours
stupid google map.
and well, it took even longer just to locate block G where the interview was to be held

guess what out of the 30 called for interview, i think there were only like 9 chinese
glad that i'm one of the lucky ones. =)

and luckily i picked TESL. because the interview was conducted in English instead of BM like the others.
luckily i read all the series eg Twilight Saga, Shopaholic, Sweet Valley, House of Night, Harry Potter, even Enid Blyton.
because they gave me alot to talk about.
luckily i watched Princess Diaries
luckily i read the hope book
luckily i got the job as a relief teacher
luckily i still can keep a clear head under stress
(the Malay girl before me was crying when she came out of the room O.O i ji shocked!)
so many luckies, i can't finish counting my blessings

i will not go into the details of the interview
because it'll only bore you and me myself to death
and i'm not saying for sure i'll get the course
but i'm satisfied with my performance
*pats self on back*
it doesn't really matter if i don't get the course
it was a good experience
at least ALOT better than the jpa interview

i wouldn't worry anymore
because i know that my steps are planned
everything happens for a reason.

so i never have to worry what tomorrow will bring
i'm counting on
i'm counting on God =D

boredom does kill. XD
click here for cute cute games =DD

i'm exhausted.
brain shutting down in few secs time.
till then, goodbye again =)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

consultation fees please :D

hi people..
do i look professional enough to be a consultant?
can't hear your answers anyway
but never mind.
i bet i'll get retard as an answer haha.
yes that's what i am
form 6 consultant and tuition center agent.
lol. all the teachers come asking about form 6
where i go for tuition
can i find text books for them
and blah
and bleh
and bluh.

yesterday i was so happy!
finally ibeho got some news from her school
yes she is ACCEPTED!!!
told you not to worry liao XD
happy for you oh =D

and today
i received a message
i have an interview due tomorrow!
kintio kintio
pi pi chua T.T

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a packed weekend.

i guess the picture says it all.
finally i finished marking all the test papers. phew.
bye to red pen for awhile.
and hello panda eyes.
kinda proud when i saw that the percentage of passes for Science is the highest XDD.

basically, i spent a quarter of my weekend and yesterday AND today to finish all those papers.
being teacher really isn't easy. =(
i regret for complaining about my teachers who took forever to give us back the papers.
but i can never forget the Chemistry teacher who is always absent
the Monday right after the exams. haha.

nevermind enough of all that!!
last Saturday my dearest mama came back to celebrate her lunar birthday.
we had limited time because she was flying back the next afternoon T.T
anyway the must do thing. XD.
my hair the most lap zhek T.T
see her hair like lady gaga de bow o not?! haha ji cute de T.t
the Chopper Family =)
before my house we went to her house to join the party.
kinda paiseh cz it was more like a family event but when we reached most of them were gone so it was okay.
sadly mum did not allow me to loiter outside till too late
so we had to cancel our plans for k session. =((.
was quite disappointed because heaven knows when can we meet again
if we all go to some other places to study. =(.
Super Muilin vs. Super Present with Mr Cello-tape from her lucu brother haha
it was funny to see her tearing the papers just to find another layer below again. lol.
necklace from mama. thank you =). wo xi huan. XDD
her presents.
because they were celebrating her lunar birthday
so it was her 21st birthday celebration
and she received 3 keys! lol.
i guess that makes her 3 x 21 = 63? XDD
in my house after the party. err... eye bags haha
duno why mama din look into the mirror. haha
stayed up until 4 and finally finished this!!!
qin ai de mama i was a bit out of focus already so i dun really remember what i wrote inside =X
but i have some more to tell you.
wait 02062011 ya. XD

family photo haha
see what they have in common?
shui wang wang de innocent big eyes!!!!

super chopper bully big chopper.
new way for chopper photo haha
our time was so limited i am glad that mama and ibe came to sleepover.
but i guess we didn't get enough of each other
so the next day just before she went back
we met up again in the airport MCD.

xingfu de fattening fries. haha
and xingfu de fattening double cheeseburger!!!!
thanks mama for the xingfu and fattening food XD
i love it but i love you more. =)
she's using the usumami or usu watever iforgotwhatsthenamehehehe let's just call it rabbit ear!! =D
see our necklaces. XD.
muilin missing in action? haha.
no idea why my face so yellowish like jaundice O.O
something funny was that mama's mama that's my ahma indirectly
thought that froggie was our friend
and she asked her
so you also slept in melody's house? hahahhahah
we laughed dao T.T

photos stolen from her blog.
ibe so cute here. haha
come on. i really look weird here ma T.t haha
my senget face.
mama like a doll =D
err. no caption. hehe
though the meeting was short
it just feels refreshing
and i'm happy to see you again in real.
miss you so much >.<
but at least you're not that far away.
but again, no matter how far you go
you're always near to my heart.
i sound a bit cheesy
but that's sincerely what i wanna say.
love you mama.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tarot. Food. =D. again. T.T

thanks to meilin mama.
now i know how to adjust the size of the photos.
you just have to edit the pixels in html haha.
but i'm lazy now. so anyway..

last friday after belly dancing
cousin and i went for food.
in Tarot.
i like this particular piece of wall.
first thing she does.
foursquare lol
my my vanilla ice snow or sth lidat. but actually it's just
iced lemon tea with sago and ice cream
and her lime juice?
i lupa.. T.T
said to be yummy nasi lemak.
but i din try. haha
my dofu wat wat i lupa desu haha.
but it looks like takoyaki!
wanted to look xingfu having ice cream.
but epic fail. lol
another unrelated place
the only common thing is food.
in Pete's western.
went yesterday for LG dinner.
teach me what is ham squashed in between two slices or bread.
yes, they're called
i'll blog again very soon.

Friday, May 20, 2011

i foresee pimples.

hi dear pen.

now it’s just you and me..

against them.


Thursday, May 19, 2011


and i forgot!
mummy also bought the donut for tying nice hair buns =D
round enough leh? XDD

last night i went to xiao jiu mu's brother's wedding dinner
and guess where?
sarawak club again == lol
the champagne cork which flew all the way from the stage and hit my dearest cousin before settling down on my chair haha.
she brought it home as remembrance.
you don't always get hit buy a cork right?
just like you don't always get the bouquet thrown by the bride lidat haha.
the bag is full of angpows from the guests.
we all like to do this!
let me bring you back to february on my cousin's wedding.
i was lazy to blog about it but still keep the photos
gimme gimme the money. haha
see eyes will sparkle. haha

even aunty uncle oso wan play ahha
and i remembered saying
and here, at the wedding reception in Sharing.
ok enough! come back! haha

you see, the food that night wasn't really nice
and the emcee was bad, really BAD
even Jay Chou sings clearer than he speaks
his English is bad
BM is worse
Chinese is the worst
i remember him pronouncing mengharungi as MENGHARUNGGI
twice in a row. never mind i forgive him
but he kept on singing.
my ears were kinda complaining to me as i was sitting VERY NEAR to the speaker.
so we decided
to go out
and of course the washroom!
the only good thing about sarawak club is the nice toilet lighting!

but i never went to the changing room toilets.
so i never knew there were BIG BIG mirrors!
btw saw my shoes?
it's one of the two pairs which i din take any photos.
qi jie so engtau ki haha
the advantage of working in a salon.
when they heard that she was going for a dinner
they helped her wash, blow and set her hair.
cool o not!!
still wan act cute XD
i saw a momok O.O
aku suka ini.
sakai never see hair dryer. hehehe.
the dessert
long story to tell about it
but i am lazy.
not important too anyway. haha
so lets just skip! XD
lastly, before leaving
i never like the cakes given out at weddings.
seriously. haha
unless you know, they decide to give cheese cakes or chocolate cakes.
took a family photo for the toys hahhaah
and and happy 1 year 1 week and 1 day to my blog!

kinda miss this song
nite nite =D