Sunday, May 8, 2011

mama's day!

i woke up at 1pm today. ==
i broke my own record!!
luckily mum isn't around to scold me.
on a mothers' day somemore. haha.
we decided to have lunch in the spring because there was something we wanted to get there.
on the way there, called up mummy to wish her happy mothers' day.
shenzhen is hot she said
but i'm pretty sure not as hot as kuching LOL.

brunch or pure lunch i dunno.
in pizza hut =X
i guess their ears were close when i said NO ICE CUBES please.
nevermind i forgive hohoho see so kind
tada. dunno why ibeho de soup was chicken soup.
froggie's spaghetti.
and the guy read prawn as prown.
just like reading clone as clown haha.
ocean tuna pizza, ibeho's food.
crap i forgot to take my food.
it was nice but oily and i forgot the name T.T
most important thing is i'm gonna be very very fat!

back home when i was peeling the apples to make fruit juice.
i peeled off my own flesh.
it hurt like hell. T.T
and it was scary to look at.
i sucked my finger
and it was SALTY haha.

both my mamas are not in kuching. T.T
the video isn't done yet.
i haven't written my love letter to Mrs Kho.
but i wouldn't share it here too.
it's mummy's private property. =).

and this is for my mama in Singapore. haha
jie guo i didn't bake u a cake and let you see me eat.
i know you wouldn't mind la hor XD
anyway happy mothers' day.
i love you =D

and i wish all the mamas in the world have a very very nice and meaningful day
and to all the children
we should love our mummy every single day
not just on the second Sunday every May
because Mummy is the only woman who will love us unconditionally
no matter how we bad we are.

that's all for today.
i'm tired.
signing off XD

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