Sunday, May 8, 2011

1kg 1kg 1kg 2kg 3kg

Goodmorning! I just woke up not long ago and it is now 1:25am in the morning.

yesterday morning i woke up to find Bella Tiong who was sleeping beside me gone
i searched for her upstairs and was shocked as i could see her nowhere.
then i disarmed the alarm and went downstairs
and there she was. luckily the motion sensor didn't sense her movement @@

never mind.
our brunch.
hash browns! =DD
cocktail sausages and ham
stolen from Sharing =X
still got soya milk =DD
bread with garlic butter, also stolen from sharing oops
and cheese! =D
and baked beans!
after finishing the brunch. it was almost 12pm already.
and we were as full as pigs could be! @@

ai xin bian dang for meiphing
because i did the duty roster wrongly T.T
fan tuan fan tuan =D
life group.
the last few survivors.
sien i wanted ibe to be the champion lol
took this because pmp lee tieng and joel voon's shirt colour look nice
pink yellow and green
but well obviously someone blocked the view grr
mothers' day cupcakes!
sho the cute!
nice nice right?
for all our lovely moms
but because my mum is not in Kuching
i had to get cacated cupcakes.
how sad : ( haha

pmp said we have to take photos.
the lighting was good
the mirror was big.
the models were __________.
i'd fill it with bad. lol.
and we made mothers' day cards!
both taken before my cupcake was ruined!
and.. the card is empty!
gonna make my first ever video for mum. =)
after lg we decided to have dinner
before sending bella tiong back to work!
only 4 sth in the afternoon and i'm still full now @@
went to Jalan Song Meal Art i forgot the chinese name T.T

my ice blended peach i think.
ibe's sweet and sour pork chop rice.
hao xiang la haha
my malak mian xiao la.
because ibe said it was spicy!
can try zhong la liao next time XD
ibe's ice blended jasmine.
too bad i cant take the greenness
it was really GREEN!
and again qiqi tiong ordered tofu with century egg!
jade pot's nicer i think. hehe
Abbie frog's caramel pudding.
Qiqi Tiong's beef rice.
and Abbie frog's Japanese Curry Pork Rice.
yea. another day of happy weight-gaining.
ahh shit. T.T

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