Thursday, May 12, 2011

i can kill.

i found out that my blog posts are all about FOOD for these few days!
i better make a change. like right now.
but still.
haha. one last i try ><

me fried this dou miao XD
cooked this soup!!
i'm really becoming more and more like an ah sam going to buy vege kok @@
and i...
i mixed the sauce nia la. haha
frog fried the egg.
okay no more food!
i'm seriously on fire.
i don't mind them playing with me.
i don't even mind if they touch my pencil case and the things inside
but this is too much.
how i wish i knew who was the impolite and evil kid who did this to my bag.
and i'll meet her parents and DEMAND that they fly to hk or china i forgot
to get the SAME MINNIE MOUSE BAG back for me.
say nia. =(. wish i could really do that.
haih, i better just use plastic bags.
ugh. i like that bag so much. =(

seriously, my mood is rotten now.
so any potential troubles, leave me alone for a sec.

well actually i decided i was gonna take some photos yesterday.
lol i saw my curler.
emo because of the pimples? haha.
dunno how take liao
so i'm still very very hot i can type a whole string of profanities but it still can't extinguish my anger.

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