Sunday, May 1, 2011


lu ee is back from miri for a few days.
and she said MUST meet up XD
so we went to.. tHe Spring. LOL

my ice cream =D
green tea and cookies and cream!
i coughed like hell after that T.T and even cried
and i rubbed my eyes, forgetting i had eyeliner on T.T
ibeho's oreo.
it just didn't look pretty la haha.
din get to take lu ee's food LOL

because there is this 50% frappucino promotion going on.
i like mine! =D
i told the guy my name was Melody
i dunno how he got Vame instead.

the photos are not uploaded chronologically HAHA
a random shot of lu ee while we were waiting for my tapao dinner to be done.
her hair so long T.T
haha me.
i forgot why i wanted to cover up my eye ==
while queuing up for Frappucinos.
the line was LONGGG!
quote Tony: "no wonder girls like to go to toilet together"
en en, froggie was with us after her tuition

ibe and lu ee
me very ugly sien T.t
i like this! =)
in the car!
my first drive out of Stapok ALONE haha.
if there is anything which would make me want to buy iPhone
it's the lomo effect
and the collages LOL.
overall it was quite a pleasant day.
and i spotted some things i wanna buy for myself.
ooh yea, happy labour day haha

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