Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tarot. Food. =D. again. T.T

thanks to meilin mama.
now i know how to adjust the size of the photos.
you just have to edit the pixels in html haha.
but i'm lazy now. so anyway..

last friday after belly dancing
cousin and i went for food.
in Tarot.
i like this particular piece of wall.
first thing she does.
foursquare lol
my my vanilla ice snow or sth lidat. but actually it's just
iced lemon tea with sago and ice cream
and her lime juice?
i lupa.. T.T
said to be yummy nasi lemak.
but i din try. haha
my dofu wat wat i lupa desu haha.
but it looks like takoyaki!
wanted to look xingfu having ice cream.
but epic fail. lol
another unrelated place
the only common thing is food.
in Pete's western.
went yesterday for LG dinner.
teach me what is ham squashed in between two slices or bread.
yes, they're called
i'll blog again very soon.

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