Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a packed weekend.

i guess the picture says it all.
finally i finished marking all the test papers. phew.
bye to red pen for awhile.
and hello panda eyes.
kinda proud when i saw that the percentage of passes for Science is the highest XDD.

basically, i spent a quarter of my weekend and yesterday AND today to finish all those papers.
being teacher really isn't easy. =(
i regret for complaining about my teachers who took forever to give us back the papers.
but i can never forget the Chemistry teacher who is always absent
the Monday right after the exams. haha.

nevermind enough of all that!!
last Saturday my dearest mama came back to celebrate her lunar birthday.
we had limited time because she was flying back the next afternoon T.T
anyway the must do thing. XD.
my hair the most lap zhek T.T
see her hair like lady gaga de bow o not?! haha ji cute de T.t
the Chopper Family =)
before my house we went to her house to join the party.
kinda paiseh cz it was more like a family event but when we reached most of them were gone so it was okay.
sadly mum did not allow me to loiter outside till too late
so we had to cancel our plans for k session. =((.
was quite disappointed because heaven knows when can we meet again
if we all go to some other places to study. =(.
Super Muilin vs. Super Present with Mr Cello-tape from her lucu brother haha
it was funny to see her tearing the papers just to find another layer below again. lol.
necklace from mama. thank you =). wo xi huan. XDD
her presents.
because they were celebrating her lunar birthday
so it was her 21st birthday celebration
and she received 3 keys! lol.
i guess that makes her 3 x 21 = 63? XDD
in my house after the party. err... eye bags haha
duno why mama din look into the mirror. haha
stayed up until 4 and finally finished this!!!
qin ai de mama i was a bit out of focus already so i dun really remember what i wrote inside =X
but i have some more to tell you.
wait 02062011 ya. XD

family photo haha
see what they have in common?
shui wang wang de innocent big eyes!!!!

super chopper bully big chopper.
new way for chopper photo haha
our time was so limited i am glad that mama and ibe came to sleepover.
but i guess we didn't get enough of each other
so the next day just before she went back
we met up again in the airport MCD.

xingfu de fattening fries. haha
and xingfu de fattening double cheeseburger!!!!
thanks mama for the xingfu and fattening food XD
i love it but i love you more. =)
she's using the usumami or usu watever iforgotwhatsthenamehehehe let's just call it rabbit ear!! =D
see our necklaces. XD.
muilin missing in action? haha.
no idea why my face so yellowish like jaundice O.O
something funny was that mama's mama that's my ahma indirectly
thought that froggie was our friend
and she asked her
so you also slept in melody's house? hahahhahah
we laughed dao T.T

photos stolen from her blog.
ibe so cute here. haha
come on. i really look weird here ma T.t haha
my senget face.
mama like a doll =D
err. no caption. hehe
though the meeting was short
it just feels refreshing
and i'm happy to see you again in real.
miss you so much >.<
but at least you're not that far away.
but again, no matter how far you go
you're always near to my heart.
i sound a bit cheesy
but that's sincerely what i wanna say.
love you mama.

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