Saturday, May 14, 2011

it's friday friday!

yesterday it was a Friday Friday!!
chu ki sng chu ki sng WOW!
== okay i'll stop that.
ibe and i decided to catch a movie instead of just walking around.

we watched the priest.
for long haven't been going for movies, and even longer with only the two of us
overall the movie was not bad except that it was a bit too short lol
paul bettany looked so MAN in the movie
but when i came back and googled him
well, haha. never mind i give up.
and maggie Q is always beautiful T.t

in padini. too yellowish ><
i like that overall but it's a bit too transparent lol
somehow i like that shirt bought by grandma in thailand.
yea toilet again haha
and oops i'm sorry but food again.
i cooked weihh!

mushroom soup but no mushroom can be seen so ibe dug out the mushroom for photo purpose. haha
add a bit of pepper powder so that it has more colour
i dunno why i added milk to the water lol
elbow spaghetti!
i learnt from zongjia's facebook photos.
actually it was not bad but i cooked too much T.T
and we ended up bloated. ><

she looked like ah mei here.
but her expression looked like she wanted to hit me T.T
forever xingfu kid. haha
see ibe brought this big bottle of cola
it was liang cha. haha.
she said her mum always did that and they always kenak tipu to drink liang cha
then i thought
if my mum dares to cook semsi tea and put inside zapple bottle
我就跟她翻脸!! =X hahaha

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